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Curated Conversations


Curated Conversations offer meaning-making spaces with a little bit of structure (guiding prompts, questions, anecdotes and provocations) and focus on stories and storytelling. In this Zoom Meeting Room, there will be a conference host present in the room for the programmed two hours to support conversations.

Curated Conversations explore the Conference Themes, presentations and ideas through the sharing of our own lives and stories of experience. The focus is on sharing stories rather than opinions. Think about how your experiences from your own academic life connect to the topics under discussion. (If the topic is about kindness in the academy, you might share a story about a time when you experienced kindness, or you saw kindness happen, or you were kind.)

The Curated Conversations are a space to share lived experience, challenges, curiosities, hopes and dreams. You are also invited to build on conversations to create something together. Posters. A short video. A digital art work or artefact. Manifestos/Femifestos. Friendships. Projects. Poetry. Collaborative writing. Art-making. Strategies. Resources. Ideas. Book proposals. Activism. You might find inspiration for your responding in the Inspiration Gallery. Go to the Facebook group to continue conversations beyond the two hours programmed in each theme segment. Share ideas and creations on Facebook and Twitter.

The Curated Conversations occur in this Zoom Meeting Room during the two hours following the Webinar Room presentations. Click here to get a sense of the whole at a glance. Use the embedded time zone converter and conference timetable guide to determine what time the Curated Conversations will occur in your time zone.

Session Times for Curated Conversations

Australian Western Standard Time



UTC +8

Australian Eastern Standard Time

UTC +10

Australian Eastern Daylight Time

UTC +11

New Zealand Daylight Time

UTC +13

Theme 1 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm Tuesday 9-11pm
Theme 2 Wednesday 12-2am Wednesday 2–4am Wednesday 3-5am Wednesday 5-7am
Theme 3 Wednesday 8-10am Wednesday 10am–12pm Wednesday 11am-1pm Wednesday 1-3pm
Theme 4 Wednesday 6–8pm Wednesday 8–10pm Wednesday 9-11pm Wednesday 11pm-1am

Pacific Standard Time

UTC -8

Central Standard Time

UTC -6

Eastern Standard Time

UTC -5 

Atlantic Standard Time

UTC -4

Theme 1

Tuesday 12-2am

Tuesday 2-4am

Tuesday 3-5am

Tuesday 4–6am
Theme 2 Tuesday 8-10am Tuesday 10am–12pm Tuesday 11am-1pm Tuesday 12-2pm
Theme 3 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm Tuesday 8–10pm
Theme 4 Wednesday 2-4am Wednesday 4–6am Wednesday 5-7am Wednesday6-8am

Greenwich Mean Time


Central European/ West Africa Standard Time

UTC +1

Eastern European/ Central Africa Time

UTC +2

Eastern Africa Time

UTC +3

Theme 1 Tuesday 8-10am Tuesday 9-11am Tuesday 10am–12pm Tuesday 11am-1pm
Theme 2 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 5-7pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm
Theme 3 Wednesday 12-2am Wednesday 1-3am Wednesday 2-4am Wednesday 3-5am
Theme 4 Wednesday 8-10am Wednesday 9-11am Wednesday 10am–12pm Wednesday 11am-1pm
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