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Australian Western Standard Time



UTC +8

Australian Eastern Standard Time

UTC +10

Australian Eastern Daylight Time

UTC +11

New Zealand Daylight Time

UTC +13

Theme 1 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm Tuesday 9-11pm
Theme 2 Wednesday 12-2am Wednesday 2–4am Wednesday 3-5am Wednesday 5-7am
Theme 3 Wednesday 8-10am Wednesday 10am–12pm Wednesday 11am-1pm Wednesday 1-3pm
Theme 4 Wednesday 6–8pm Wednesday 8–10pm Wednesday 9-11pm Wednesday 11pm-1am

Pacific Standard Time

UTC -8

Central Standard Time

UTC -6

Eastern Standard Time

UTC -5 

Atlantic Standard Time

UTC -4

Theme 1

Tuesday 12-2am

Tuesday 2-4am

Tuesday 3-5am

Tuesday 4–6am
Theme 2 Tuesday 8-10am Tuesday 10am–12pm Tuesday 11am-1pm Tuesday 12-2pm
Theme 3 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm Tuesday 8–10pm
Theme 4 Wednesday 2-4am Wednesday 4–6am Wednesday 5-7am Wednesday6-8am

Greenwich Mean Time


Central European/ West Africa Standard Time

UTC +1

Eastern European/ Central Africa Time

UTC +2

Eastern Africa Time

UTC +3

Theme 1 Tuesday 8-10am Tuesday 9-11am Tuesday 10am–12pm Tuesday 11am-1pm
Theme 2 Tuesday 4–6pm Tuesday 5-7pm Tuesday 6–8pm Tuesday 7-9pm
Theme 3 Wednesday 12-2am Wednesday 1-3am Wednesday 2-4am Wednesday 3-5am
Theme 4 Wednesday 8-10am Wednesday 9-11am Wednesday 10am–12pm Wednesday 11am-1pm
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