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Dr Jeremy Brawner



Dr Jeremy Brawner joined the Forest Industries Research Centre in the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law at the University of the Sunshine Coast as a Senior Research Fellow in March 2016.

Jeremy has a creative approach to helping others make data and evidence-based decisions. He has frequent success with funding proposals involving diverse stakeholders and publication of project findings. His research focus also includes the development and implementation of strategies with clear operational plans to deliver genetic improvements.

You can also keep in touch with Jeremy at:

HDR supervision

  • Duy Hung Tran, PhD, University of Queensland, Genetic Improvement of Tropical and Subtropical Tree Species
  • Aline Miranda, PhD, University of Sao Paulo, Population Genetics of Eucalyptus grandis

Research grants

Project name Investigator(s)  Funding body  Year(s) 
Sumatran eucalypt breeding research program review – annual consultancy J. Brawner (PI)   2015–2017
Borneo Forestry Cooperative Tree Improvement Program J. Brawner (PI) A$100,000–$150,000 annually 2008–2015
  J. Brawner (Collaborator) Australia Thailand Research Fund - A$15,000 2014
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research – project review J. Brawner (PI) A$12,000  
FastPhysio / Physiological Profiling of Eucalypts J. Brawner (CSIRO PI) CSIRO seed fund - A$362,000 2012–2014
Climate Adaptation Flagship – Predicting Climatic Preferences J. Brawner (PI) CSIRO - A$123,720 2014
Indochina Informatics J. Brawner (PI) AusAID - A$506,000 2012–2014
Dryland Forest Development in South America J. Brawner (PI) AusAID - A$523,000 2012–2014
Alternative Genetic Analysis Processes J. Brawner (PI) Arborgen - A$30,000–A$60,000 annually 2008–2014
Evaluation of DNA Markers in South American E. globulus J. Brawner (Collaborator) A$45,000 2012–2013
Group Mission to China for Project Development J. Brawner (CSIRO PI) Australia China Research Fund - A$35,000 2012
EMBL Bioinformatics and Quant. Gen Conference J. Brawner (PI) University of Queensland Travel Awards - A$6,200 2012
Forest Sequestration and Adaptation Alliance J. Brawner (CSIRO PI) DAFF Climate Change Research Fund - A$500,000 2010–2011
Subtropical Tree Improvement Alliance J. Brawner (PI) Rural Industry Research and Development Cooperation - A$57,000 2010
Smart Forest Alliance J. Brawner (CSIRO PI) Queensland National and International Research Alliance Program 2009–2012
Biofuels and Solid-wood Silviculture for Eucalypts J. Brawner (PI) Gottstein Fellowship - A$8,500 2009
Tropical and Subtropical Germplasm Development J. Brawner (CSIRO PI) Queensland Plantation Hardwoods Research Fund - A$840,000 2009–2011
Deployment Decision Systems J. Brawner (PI) Carter Holt Harvey Australasia - A$60,000 annually 2007–2010
Rating RPBC Products J. Brawner (PI) Radiata Pine Breeding Company - A$40,000 2006
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