Dr Paul Williams

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Dr Paul Williams


Teaching areas

  • Creative Writing — Narrative Craft; The Novel; Master of Professional Practice
  • Research Methodologies
  • Literary Studies

Research areas

  • post colonialism
  • postmodernist novel
  • memoir / autobiography / historiographic metafiction
  • fictocriticism
  • palimpsest and intertextuality
  • fiction as academic discourse
  • creative writing pedagogies and methodologies

Program coordinator


Dr Paul Williams studied African literature in South Africa, and Creative Writing in Wisconsin, USA. He has taught in universities around the world (South Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the USA).

Paul has published short stories, critical articles and educational materials for high schools in Africa. His Young Adult mystery novel The Secret of Old Mukiwa won the Zimbabwe International Book Fair award in 2001 and his memoir Soldier Blue was nominated as Book of the Year in South Africa in 2008. His latest novel is Cokcraco (Lacuna, 2013), a fictocritical novel about the interweaving of fiction and criticism. Parallax (Zharmae, 2014, 2015), a series of young adult speculative fiction novels was released in 2014. Paul's stories and critical articles have appeared in Meanjin, TEXT, New Writing, Social Alternatives, New Contrast and the Chicago Quarterly Review. His latest books are Playing with Words (Palgrave Macmillan, UK), Fail Brilliantly (Familius Publishing, USA) and The Art of Losing (Bridge House Publishing, UK, forthcoming 2018). Paul has won numerous awards for his teaching, research and creative writing.

Paul is a member of both the Arts Research in Creative Humanities research cluster and the Indigenous Studies research theme at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Stay in touch with Paul and visit his other pages:

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  • Advance Award: Advancing the Student Experience, 2014, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Carnovski African Studies Scholarship, 1989, University of the Witwatersrand
  • The Dean's Humanities Award, 1994, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Winner — Fiction Young Adult Novel section, 2001, Zimbabwe International Book Fair
  • TRIO teaching Award 2003, Blue Mountain Community College, Oregon
  • Book of the Year — 2008, The Witness (South Africa)
Potential research projects for HDR and Honours students
  • Postmodern fiction
  • The novel / historiographic metafiction
  • Creative non-fiction, particularly in relation to memoir/autobiography
  • Post-colonial world literature
  • Writing for children and young adults
  • Fictocriticism
  • Creative Writing studies
Supervision of Honours and Higher Degree by Research Candidates


Completed Research Projects in Historical fiction, science fiction, the philosophical novel, metafiction, memoir, existentialism

Honours: Writing the Colonial Female Self as Other: The Journal of Kate Murphy - Sandra Smith (first class)

Honours: Fate's Child: an exploration of determinism and free will - Emily Larkin (first class)

Honours: The Epistolary Suicide Letter - Amanda Fletcher (first class)

Masters: If the Sky should Fall - Belinda Hopper

Masters: Coven of the Wildewood - Danielle Lloyd

Doctoral: Darling Adopted Daughter - JoAnn Sparrow

Doctoral: The Cocacolanisation of Australia - Michael Shapter


Current Research Projects in metafiction, trauma narrative, historiographic metafiction, young adult fiction, meta-biography, screenwriting, digital narrative

Doctoral: The Writing Project - Stacey Winch

Doctoral: Shell Shocked - Susanne Armstrong

Doctoral: The Fallout: Learning about Sexuality through Young Adult Fiction - Sara Hutchinson

Doctoral: Threading Lives - Kay Buttfield

Doctoral: Saving Sun Bears – exploring the life of Wong Siew Te - Sarah Pye

Doctoral: Built to Binge: Reviving the Sitcom Genre Through Subscription Video on Demand - Julia Carter

Doctoral: Charting the Arc: Narrative Complexity and the Evolution Serialised Storytelling in Digital Publishing - Mark Attwood

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