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Lead Presenter/Author                             Title of Accepted Abstract                                                                                
Aage Radmann Outdoors, Sport and Integration: A Scandinavian perspective
Abdul Kahlid

The nature and scope of outdoor education in the city-state of Singapore

Alessandro Bortolotti

Go Out and Learn

Alex Prins

Inside the curl: A qualitative search

Alexandra Albert

Moving beyond fear

Alistair J. Stewart

Troubling experience?

Amanda Lloyd

The mysterious case of the "outdoors"

Ayden Meilleur

Study of the Perceived Importance of a Mandatory Outdoor Canoe Excursion

Bacon Chan

Outdoor education in Hong Kong

Barbara Humberstone

Ageing and life long outdoor learning

Beau Miles

Death of a healthy teen

Beau Miles

The axeman and the activist

Bob Jickling

Teachings of a Bark Canoe: Practice, Place, and Living Deliberately

Brendon Munge

'Learning through your feet'

Brian Wattchow

Secret lives: The qualitative research journey in outdoor education

Chris Loynes

Is Outdoor Education a Movement?

Christ North

Do vans and buses constitute a third place? The importance of transport time in OE      

Clare Dallat

Developing a Systems Approach to Risk Assessment

Clayton Barry

A Pedagogy of the Outlandish

David Hills

Digital Technology and Outdoor Education

Erik Mygind

The TEACHOUT study

Genevieve Blades

Walking with/in a postphenomenology methodology

Genevieve Blades

An ecopedagogy of (bush)walking

Glyn Thomas

Engaging with places

Glyn Thomas

Threshhold Concepts for Australian Outdoor Education University Graduates

Heather E Prince

School-based Outdoor Education

Heather Grenon

Resilience through the outdoors

Heidi Smith

Impact of transculturality on student experience

Heidi Smith

Visiting scholar experiences of transcultural outdoor studies

Hiroshi Hamatani

High school trekking programs in Northern Japan Alps

Inger Wallem Krempig

Harvesting "wild" food

Jakob Thorsteinsson

Journeys in wilderness and personal growth

Jakob Thorsteinsson

Children and time spent outdoors

Jan Arvidsen

Nordic Friluftsliy for all?

Jennifer Wigglesworth

The Cultural Politics of Naming Outdoor Rock Climbing Routes

Joelle Breault-Hood

The impact of outdoor education on body image

Jonathan Lynch

The Role of the More-than-human in Teachers' Place-responsive Planning

Jorgen Weidermann Eriksen

Do we need more failing in Outdoor Education?

Jule Hildmann

Outdoor leadership in a diverse world

Kathleen Mahon

Moving beyond 'methodising' theory

Kathleen Pleasants

Why do parents send their children on outdoor education experiences?

Kelly Davis

An ethnographic case study comparison

Kirsti Pedersen

The Meaning of Adventure in the Lives of Women

Kirsti Pedersen Gurholt

What might a joint Nordic Master in Friluftsliv Studies add

Laerke Mygind

A meta-analysis of nature and psychophysiological stress reduction

Laerke Mygind

Nature-based health promotion for children and adolescents

Malcolm Nicolson

Camping as Curriculum

Marcus Morse

Views from a pinhole

Margie Campbell-Price

Outdoor Education that 'ticks the box' for 21st century learning

Marie Louise

Exploring Inner and Outer Worlds for Empowered Living

Mark Leather

Hyperreality, young people and "nature"

Mark Leather

Finding my professional voice

Masahiro Okada

The effects of 'attachment with nature' during camp

Mike Boyes

Outdoor decision making as planned behaviour

Mike Boyes

Time, aesthetics and the ontological divide

Monica Green

'Wild-ing' pedagogy in initial teacher education

Morten Asfeldt

Experiencing, Re-Experiencing, and Experiencing-Back

Morten Asfeldt

Outdoor Education in Canada

Noel Gough

Remembering Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018)

Patrick Maher

Friluftsliv 2.0: Nature/culture connections in a new place

Paul Salmon

How do led outdoor activity systems create injury?

Peter Holmes

Socio-Cultural learning theory

Phil M. Mullins

Toward an Ethic of Belonging for Outdoor Education

Phil M. Mullins

Learning Lessons from Outdoor Recreation

Rachel Davies

Diverse Perspectives

Ramsey Affifi

Learning philosophy outside the classroom

Ramsey Affifi

Understanding evolution outdoors

Ramsey Affifi

Pedagogy of death

Roger T. Couture

The Effects of a Distraction strategy

Rowena Passy

Go Out and Learn

Sandy Allen-Craig

Rethinking Outdoor Education Leadership Spaces

Scott Jukes

Thinking outdoor environmental education differently

Sean Blenkinsop

Wild Pedagogies: A Scholastic Experiment in Re-Wilding Research

Shelby L Deibert

An Analysis of Alumni Stories

Shirley Wyver

Sydney Playground Project

Simon Beames

Outdoor Learning in Scottish State Schools

Son Truong

The impact of community gardening on perceived health

Søren Andkjær

Gear Banks do make a difference!

Søren Andkjær

NatureMoves - Places for childrens' outdoor recreation in Denmark

Stefanie Palmer

Indigenous wisdom in outdoor programmes

Stephen D Ritchie

Challenges and opportunities related to collaborative program development

Stephen D Ritchie

Understanding the holistic health impact of a land-based program

Susanna Ho

Evaluation of an MOE-OBS Programme in Singapore

TA Loeffler

Did You Have Fun Playing with Your Students Today

Takano Takako

How experiences transform through time

Tom Potter

On the chopping block

Tone Stuler Myhre

The Effects of Outdoor Education and Second Language

Tonia Gray

Reflective insights to help advance the outdoor profession

Tony Carden

Structural reform of safety regulation

Tony Keeble

Building Social Capital through the delivery of Outdoor Education

Tracey Friedal

Regenerating traditional practices and re-invigorating political economies

Vanda Sigurgeirsdóttir

“When I am outside I am kinder to others”. Bullying and nature

Zabe MacEachren

Seeking Deep Campfire Experiences


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