Theme 3: Lived experiences of women in academia

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Theme 3: Lived experiences of women in academia


  • Promoting ideas, sharing stories, finding connection, collaboration and friendship
  • Creating meaning together, supporting and celebrating each other, lifting each other up

This third theme considers why it is important to shed light on women’s lived experiences, to talk about what it has felt like, and feels like, to be a female academic. We consider how women might – in deliberate, activist, celebratory and heartful ways – use research methodologies to unearth their individual and collective voices, to unveil their lived and embodied stories.

With this theme we make space for reflection about the complexity and uncertainty of our academic work. We sit together to listen to each other’s stories, to bear witness and to hold space. The value of responsive, personal, and aesthetic ways for communicating our stories of experiences – such as can be found in narrative, autoethnographic, arts-based, and contemplative research methods – are explored.

We use this theme to delve into the ways we can include our vulnerable selves, our hearts-spirits-minds-bodies-stories, in our academic work in evocative, reflexive, creative, thoughtful, meaningful and life-giving ways. And, we give time to stillness, contemplation, storytelling, art-making, experimentation and practice. In leaning in to these ways we are leaning into freedom, playfulness, friendship and hope.

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