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Executive Dean

  • Professor John Bartlett: Executive Dean, Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering
    • Shelley McGuigan: Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean – Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering

Associate Deans

  • Professor Marion Gray: Professor, Discipline Leader, Occupational Therapy | Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering
  • Dr Colin Solomon: Senior Lecturer, Exercise Physiology
  • Professor Catherine Yule: Acting Head of School, Science and Engineering | Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) | Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering

Research Centre Directors

Heads of Schools

Please direct all Head of School enquiries to their Personal Assistant.


The Animal Research Centre: health + ecology + conservation

Deputy Directors / Theme Leaders
  • Dr Christofer Clemente: Senior Lecturer in Animal Ecophysiology | Deputy Director, The Animal Research Centre and Theme Leader 'Ecology'
  • Dr Andrew Olds: Senior Lecturer, Animal Ecology | Deputy Director, The Animal Research Centre and Theme Leader 'Conservation'

Cluster for Health Improvement


Genecology Research Centre


Inflammation and Healing Research Cluster


Marine and Coastal Ecology


Nursing and Midwifery Cluster for Research Excellence

Adjunct academic staff
  • Dr Arnon Accad: Expert in GIS and species distribution modelling, as well as climate change modelling. Queensland Herbarium, Department of Science Information Technology and Innovation - Adjunct Hebarium GIS Expert.
  • Dr John Adie: Medical Director, Health Hub Morayfield Doctors, Morayfield Family Doctors - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Janet Allan: Expert in Mental Health Nursing — Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Ms Laura Bagnall: Science Coordinator, Victory College, Gympie - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Shahla Hosseini Bai: Soil fertility and plant productivity in diverse ecosystems - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Mr James Bailey: Head of Department - Science, Kawana Waters State College - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Tom Bailey: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Health & Sport Sciences, USC - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Professor Eric Bakker: Department of Inorganic, Analytical and Applied Chemistry, The University of Geneva, Switzerland - Adjunct Professor.
  • Ms Anne Maree Baldwin: Advanced Epidemiologist, Sunshine Coast Public Health Unit/Community Integrated and Sub Acute Services (CISAS) Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Mr Raymond Bange: Executive Committee Member of the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance, Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers and an Honorary Fellow of Paramedics Australasia. Many years’ experience as a senior consultant and strategy advisor at state, national and international levels where he has contributed significantly on issues such as health policy, risk management and regulation - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Professor Susan I. Barr - Expert in Nutrition and Dietetics, Professor of Nutrition, The University of British Columbia - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Denise Beaudequin: Systems Administrator - Trauma Registry, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Mrs Mandy Becsi: Care Support Officer, BlueCare Sunshine Coast - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Anthony Bedford: Director, XTrade Sports - Sports statistics, sports consultant, Associate Professor statistics and epidemiology - Adjunct Associate Professor of Sports Statistics.
  • Ms Sally Bekker: Head of Department - Science, Agriculture, Marine, Gympie State High School - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Jason Bendall: Expert in Paramedicine, Epidemiology, Anaesthesia and Pharmacology - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Ms Patricia Bibi: Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network Limited, Fiji - Adjunct Research Officer (PARDI2).
  • Dr Utpal Bose: Analytical Sciences - Adjunct Associate Lecturer.
  • Dr Geoffrey M. Boyce FRCP (Edin and Glas) FRACP FACP FAAN FIAIME: Neurology/Neurophysiology - Adjunct Senior Fellow.
  • Dr Elizabeth Broad: Expert in Sports Dietetics and is currently a Senior Sports Dietitian, Paralympic Program with the United States Olympic Committee - Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Mr Matt Brooks: Head of Department, Technologies - Burpengary State Secondary College - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Associate Professor Lainie Cameron: Clinical Exercise Physiology - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Mr Iain D. Carson: Head of Department (Science), Aldridge State High School - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Professor Anne Chang: Expert in Systematic Reviews, Self-efficacy, Clinical Research - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor John Chapman: Expert in Horticulture & Strategic Agriculture Forestry & Food - Adjunct Professor.
  • Ms Susie Chapman: Coastal Catchments Northern Area Manager, Healthy Land and Water - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Associate Professor Norman Cheetham: Expert in food chemistry and analysis, drug action and analysis, environmental toxicology and biological chemistry - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Martin Christensen: Director, Centre for Applied Nursing Research, Western Sydney University - Adjunct Professor.
  • Mr Anthony Clancy: Science Head of Department, Urangan State High School - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Sean Clark: Deputy Director and Senior Staff Specialist, Emergency Department, Caboolture Hospital - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Jeff Clewett: Director and Principal Scientist, Agroclim Australia - Adjunct Professor.
  • Ms Kaye Coates: Nurse Practitioner at Sundale Ltd. Almost 30 years' experience in nursing, spanning acute care, orthopaedics and aged card - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Dr Samantha Coulson: Probiotic R&D Business Manager, Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, The University of Sydney - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.
  • Associate Professor Steven Coverdale: Head, Sunshine Coast Clinical School, Sunshine Coast Academic and Research Centre - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Scott Craig: Area of expertise is Medical Microbiology - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Karina Dancza: The College of Occupational Therapists, London. Dr Dancza is recognised in the UK as an expert on the Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Mr Chris Dann: Mobile technologies in assessment in higher education and USC - Adjunct Research Fellow (Mobile Assessment in Higher Education).
  • Mr Christopher J. de Bakker: Servatus Ltd, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Professor Chris Del Mar: Professor of Public Health, Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University. Expert in Respiratory Viruses / Public Health - Adjunct Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine.
  • Dr Andrew Dettrick: Pathology Queensland, Nambour - Anatomical Pathology - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Jose Domingos: Research Scientist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Dr Darren Drapper: Principal, Drapper Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd; Environmental Engineering and Stormwater Management - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Dr Peter Duncan: Senior Marine Environment Officer, Isle of Man Government, Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA), United Kingdom - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Ms Naomi Dwyer: Chief Executive, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr May El Haddad, RN, PhD: Nurse Researcher, NUM/MUM Project, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Ms Annette Faithfull-Byrne: Nursing Director, Education, Staff Development and Research, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Ms Lisa Farnes: Head of Department - Science, James Nash State High School - Adjunct (STEM Engagement).
  • Dr Lorraine Ferguson AM RN PhD: Chair, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Board and Independent Educational Consultant  - Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Professor Ian Findlay: Think Education Group. Expert in Molecular reproduction, genetics and DNA pathology and forensics — Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Wayne L. Finlayson: Servatus Ltd, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Dr John French: Consultant Entomologist - Expert in Termite Research - Adjunct Professor.
  • Miss Sarah Fyffe: Dog handler / trainer, collection and storage of scents for training - Adjunct (Detection Dog Trainer).
  • Dr M. Guy Godsall: Consultant Anaesthetist at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Mr Neil Gordon: Science & Chemistry Teacher, Chancellor State College (Secondary Campus) - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Rosie Gowran: Expert in participation action research which means she involved the stakeholders as co-researchers in her studies - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham: Southern Cross University - Experienced in senior academic and executive management positions in Higher Education - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Nicholas Gray: Director of Renal Medicine, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Nambour Hospital - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Professor Al Grenfell: As a highly regarded previous employee Professor Grenfell will continue his association with courses and staff teaching into ENS103, and providing targeted advice to USC staff to enrich their understandings and learning and teaching practices and administration - Adjunct Professor in Earth Sciences.
  • Dr Georgina Hale MBBS FRACP PhD: The Hale Clinic, Buderim - General Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Women's Health & Functional Medicine - Adjunct (Honorary) Research Fellow.
  • Dr Jon Hanger: Director, Endeavour Veterinary Ecology - Considered Queensland's leader in koala fieldwork, specifically koala health and disease - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow (Koalas).
  • Professor Hank Harlow: Expert in comparative, integrative, and ecological physiology of vertebrates - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Brenda Happell:  Professor Happell has over 20 years’ experience as an academic across four universities and has become an international leader in mental health nursing research with a particular focus on the physical health of people with mental illness - Adjunct Professor

  • Mr Simon Harris: Curriculum Leader - Science, Siena Catholic College - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Mr Kevin Hegarty: Chief Executive, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Jean-Marc Hero: Hero Diversity: Specialising in terrestrial fauna and flora, biological adaptation to climate change, experimental design, conservation biology, and long-term ecological research & monitoring - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor John Hooper: Professor of Cancer Research, Leader Cancer Biology Laboratory, Mater Research Institute - The University of Queensland. Collaborative research with USC in the area of cancer prevention - Adjunct Professor.
  • Mr Andy Hornbuckle: Team Leader Asia Pacific - Water Quality, SPEL Environmental Pty Ltd - Expert in Environmental engineering and Stormwater Management - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Mrs Patricia Hudson: CEO of Sunshine Coast Medicare Locals/Central QLD and Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network. She is an expert in primary health care, alcohol and drug services, mental and community health - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Mr Peter Jackson: Scientific Director, Coastal O&G/IVF Fertility Services - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr David James: Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation. Expert in environmental economics, natural resource economics, climate change policy and ecosystem service valuation - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Susan Keays: Expert in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Mr Peter Kelly: Executive Principal, Chancellor State College - Adjunct (STEM Engagement).
  • Dr Justin Keogh: Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, Bond University. Dr Keogh is an experienced researcher in the field of clinical exercise science and sport science. His clinical research has involved examining the benefits, barriers and motives to a range of physical activities such as resistance training, walking and dancing for older adults and those with chronic conditions especially cancer - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Sean Keogh: Expert in Emergency Medicine, Aeromedical Retrieval and Disaster Management - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Hugo Kerherve: Expert in Exercise Physiology, Universite Savoie Mont Blanc, France - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Dr Tetiana Kuzmenko: Expert in paediatrics and Public Health from the Odessa Region Children's Hospital in the Ukraine - Adjunct Associate Lecturer.
  • Dr Robert Lamont: Expert in botany, molecular ecology, population genetics, conservation genetics and ecology, fire ecology and paternity and inbreeding genetics - Adjunct Post-doctoral Research Officer, Genetics and Plant Science.
  • Dr Peter Larsen: Expert in Cardiology - Adjunct Professor of Cardiology.
  • Dr Silva Larson: Aqua Energie LLC, Syracuse, NY, USA. Dr Larson is a socio-economic impact assessment specialist - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.
  • Dr Peter Lee: Principal Scientist (Aquaculture), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Bribie Island Research Centre - Expert in Aquaculture - Adjunct Scientist.
  • Dr Christine Leech: Experienced Occupational Therapist in the field of chronic disability in the community setting - Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service, Spinal Outreach Team, Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Sara Leonhardt: Chemical Ecology Group, Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, University of Wurzburg, Germany - Adjunct Lecturer and Visiting Researcher.
  • Dr Tom Lewis: Research Scientist / Acting Team Leader, Forest Value, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Dr Kun Li: School of Nursing, Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin, China. Expert in Cardiovascular Medicine - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Professor Xiaosong Liu: First Affiliated Hospital, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangdong, China. Experienced Research Fellow in the area of Cellular Immunology - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Xian Jun Loh: Senior Scientist & Manager, Consumer Care Technologies Programme, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Ian Lowe OAM: Emeritus Professor of Science, Technology and Society at Griffith University - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Kristina Malko-Nyhan: Nursing, Rural Health and Health Services Expert - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Ms Marita Manley: Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network Limited, Fiji - Adjunct Research Fellow (PARDI2).
  • Professor Melinda Manore: Expert in Nutrition and Dietetics - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr EJ Marsden: Consultant Emergency Medicine physician at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Donna Marynowski-Traczyk: Extended Treatment Mental Health Service, Robina Hospital - Expert in Mental Health nursing, Qualitative Research and Phenonemenography - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Mr Paul McDonald: General Manager - Services, Healthy Land & Water. Expert in Natural Resource Management (NRM); Environmental Planning; Community Engagement - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Mark McKean: Expert in Fitness, Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science - Adjunct Associate Professor of Sport & Exercise Science.
  • Professor Anne McMurray: Principal Research Fellow, Integrated Care Program, Centre for Applied Health Economics, Menzies Health Institute Queensland - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Karen Morwood: Senior Medical Officer, Staff Specialist, Immunology, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Lead Immunologist at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Professor S.J. (Hanlie) Moss: Professor in Biokinetics, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa - Clinical Exercise, Physiology and Chronic diseases of lifestyle - Adjunct Associate Professor in Health Improvement.
  • Dr Bernadette Morris-Smith: Clinical Pharmacist, Sunshine Coast University Hospital - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Vatsal Naik: Plant Scientist - Frenkenscapes Pty Ltd Brisbane - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Associate Professor Guoying Ni: Health Supervision Institute of Tangshan, China - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Dr Peter Nichols: Managing Director, Banksia Ecology Pty Ltd - Environmental engineering and stormwater management - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.
  • Associate Professor Wayne O'Connor: Expert in Mollusc aquaculture, including genetics, hatchery technologies and reproduction, Port Stephens Fisheries Institute - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Lily O'Hara: Emirates College for Advanced Education, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Expert in Public Health — Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Mr Brad Patten: Science & STEaM, Head of Department - Maleny State High School - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Mr Nicolas Pichon: Servatus Ltd - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Associate Professor Yong-Hao Pua: Allied Health Researcher based at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Ms Susan Poole: Principal Scientist and Seafood Team Leader, Agriscience Queensland, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Associate Professor Leanne Raven: CEO, Red Nose Saving Little Lives - infant mortality and the Queensland Pepi-Pod Program within Indigenous communities - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Galit Rawlinson BVSc BSc (Hons): Chief Veterinarian at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland / Wildlife Veterinarian with special expertise in Koalas - Adjunct Veterinary Research Fellow.
  • Dr Kylie Readman: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Murdoch University, Western Australia - Learning and Teaching Leadership in Higher Education - Adjunct Professor.
  • Professor Lloyd Reeve-Johnson: Adjunct Professor of One Health.
  • Dr Jacquie Ripat: Associate Professor, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Heath Sciences, University of Manitoba, Canada - Occupational Therapist specialising in assistive technology research - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Dr Anne Roiko: Associate Professor of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Griffith University - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Derek S. Sarovich: Senior Research Officer & Lead Bioinformaticist, Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin NT - Expert in Microbial Bioinformatics - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Mr Chris Smith: Head of Learning Area - Science, Sunshine Coast Grammar School - Adjunct (STEM Engagement).
  • Dr Sally J.E. Sargeant: Assistant Professor, Behavioural Sciences, Bond University. Research expertise is in the use of qualitative methods for exploring clinical questions - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Tamara Schikowski: Head of the Research Group for Environmental Epidemiology of lung, brain and skin ageing at the Leibniz Institute for Environmental Medicine, Dusseldorf - Expert in Environmental epidemiology and public health - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Stefan Schneider: German Sport University. Expert in motor control and electroencephalographical activity in altered gravity environments as well as the interconnection of brain activity, sports and health - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Yoko Shimizu: Queensland Herbarium, Brisbane Botanic Gardens - Expert in GIS mapping, plant ecology, PVA modelling, SDM modelling and climate change modelling - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Mr Sanfred Smith: Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network Limited, Fiji - Adjunct Research Scientist (PARDI2).
  • Dr Tim Smith: Senior Scientist, Soils and Nutrition, Forest Health, Horticulture & Forestry Science, DAF (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Douglas Stuart: Owner/Director Suncoast Renewables - Retired Chemistry Academic - Biofuel analyses and research.
  • Dr Elizabeth Steels: The University of Sydney - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.
  • Mr Robert Stringfellow: Team Manager - Water, Sunshine Coast Office, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff. Industry member of the USC Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (EIAC) - Adjunct Fellow.
  • Ms Cathy Styles: Nursing Service Director, Women and Families Service Group, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Xiaodi Su: Team Leader in the field of nanotechnology and biosensors at the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Mary Taylor: Expert in Agro-biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Ogilvie Thom: Expert in Emergency Medicine - Adjunct Senior Lecturer.
  • Associate Professor John Thompson: Department of Paediatrics: Child & Youth Health, University of Auckland. Biostatistician and Epidemiologist with a special interest in maternal and child health, sudden infant death, stillbirth, low birth weight babies and longitudinal studies - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Mr David Thomson: Deputy Principal, Chancellor State College - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Katharina Tondera: Postdoctoral Resarch Fellow, Laboratory GEPEA, IMT Atlantique, Nantes, France - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Dr Ramesh Kaushal Tripathi: Friendly Society Private Hospital, Bundaberg - Engaged in a range of research projects related to vascular surgery, chronic wounds and vascular access devices - Adjunct Professor.
  • Ms Colleen Vieritz: Head of Department (Science), Caloundra State High School - Adjunct (STEM engagement).
  • Dr Md Abdul Wahab: Visiting Academic, Civil and Build Environmental Department and linked with Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering, QUT - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow.
  • Dr Christopher Walker: Covey Associates Pty Ltd. Expert in Environmental Engineering and Stormwater Management - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr David Evans Walter: Expert in Acarology, Invertebrate Ecology and Taxonomy - Adjunct Professor.
  • Associate Professor Peter Waterman: Expert in climate change and forests - Adjunct Associate Professor.
  • Dr Jolanta Watson: Expert in physics, maths, nanoscience and biophysics - Adjunct Lecturer/Research Scientist at USC Fraser Coast.
  • Dr Courtney Waugh: Expert in Koala Chlamydia Disease - Adjunct Researcher.
  • Dr Haylee Weaver: Department of the Environment and Energy - Expert on the taxonomy of parasitic lice (Phthiraptera) - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Dr Greg White: Expert in Airport and Heavy Duty Pavement Engineering - Adjunct Associate Professor in Pavement Engineering.
  • Mr Graham Wilkinson: Director of Nursing / Nambour General Hospital Facility Manager, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr Sarah Windsor: STEM Teacher, Meridan State College - Adjunct Lecturer.
  • Professor Ken Wishaw: Expert in anaesthesia, emergency medicine and aeromedical retrieval- Adjunct Researcher.
  • Professor Karen Woolley: Director, Global Strategic Initiatives (Medical Affairs), ProScribe. Expert in Clinical and non-clinical research studies sponsored by biotechnology, device, and pharmaceutical companies, experience and proficient medical writer, and line management experience of medical writers, business development managers, project managers and administrative staff — Adjunct Professor.
  • Dr John Xie: Associated with USC via the Smart Water Program - Adjunct Research Fellow.
  • Professor John Yeaman: Has over 50 years experience in assisting road organisations and governments across the world in the management of their road networks - Adjunct Professor.

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