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Report a concern or seek support


About you
Details of the person you are concerned about
If the person is unknown, please provide any descriptive details or identifying information such as gender, age, degree program, etc.
Include dates/times/locations if possible, and any actions you may have taken - e.g. reporting to USC staff, calling SafeUSC Community Team and/or 000. (If you don't feel comfortable writing it here, that's ok - we can call you to discuss the matter.) You may feel more comfortable with reporting to outside services, such as the police, legal aid, your GP or a counsellor and have a support person to assist and support you.
Contact details (optional)
Enter either your phone number and/or email address
Please note you do not have to enter any contact details in the fields above if you wish to remain anonymous. We cannot provide feedback or follow up with you if you remain anonymous.
Choose all of the relevant options.
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