Conditions of parking

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Conditions of parking


1. Definitions

Authorised person has the meaning specified in Schedule 2 of the USC Act.

Campus means the Sippy Downs campus.

Commercial vehicle has the meaning specified in TORUM.

Community includes Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast staff and tenants, Coop Bookshop staff, Education Queensland staff, casual staff, sessional staff, consultants, contractors, construction workers, sports precinct users, etc.

Council means the Council of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Local law means the SCC’s Local Law No. 5 (Parking) 2011 and associated subordinate legislation as amended from time to time.

Owner as defined in Schedule 2 of the USC Act.

Rules means the Land, Traffic and Parking Rules made by the Council pursuant to the USC Act.

SCC means the Sunshine Coast Council.

Tenant is a person who occupies property owned by the University of the Sunshine Coast pursuant to an agreement between the person and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

TORUM means the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.

USC Act means the University of the Sunshine Coast Act 1998.

Vehicle has the meaning specified in TORUM.

Visitors includes family and friends of staff and students, users of University facilities, attendees at conferences and functions, tenants, and any other person visiting the USC Campus.

2. Overview

2.1 The University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs campus is a Regulated Parking Area enforced by Sunshine Coast Council.

2.2 Regulated parking applies to all USC students, staff and visitors, without exception. Persons may park in the free car park (P15), or must purchase daily or half daily eTickets on campus, or obtain a six-month or twelve month ePermit or daily eTicket online. Staff are eligible to salary sacrifice.

2.3 Administration of University parking is the responsibility of the Director, Asset Management Services.

2.4 For information, parking maps and fees, refer to

3. Authority and regulations

3.1 The University of the Sunshine Coast Act 1998 empowers the University to control traffic and conduct on University property. The University of the Sunshine Coast Land Traffic and Parking Rules authorise the Vice-Chancellor to determine the conditions under which vehicles are brought onto and parked on University property.

3.2 The University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs campus has been designated a regulated parking area for the purposes of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995, (TORUM Act). Paid parking applies Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, excluding public holidays as provided in Schedule 1 Parking Fees. In order to ensure the equitable and most effective use of car parking on campus, parking regulations on campus are enforced and penalties will apply for breaches.

3.3 The onus is on the driver of a vehicle to know, understand and comply with the requirements of these Conditions of Parking, the University Land Traffic and Parking Rules, and the Transport Operations Road Use Management Act that regulate parking on the University of the Sunshine Coast campus.

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4. Signage

Traffic signage on the University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs Campus conforms with the
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Queensland), within the meaning of TORUM.

5. Parking enforcement and penalties

5.1 The campus has been deemed a declared regulated parking area for the purposes of TORUM and the local law (and any subordinate local law supplementing such local law) and infringement notice penalties and other penalties imposed pursuant to such local law shall apply in respect of the campus.

5.2 Sunshine Coast Council is responsible for enforcing penalties as provided in the local law, and regulates the parking of vehicles on the campus under SCC’s local law.

5.3 Details of infringement penalties, arrangement for payment of penalties and the process for appealing an infringement can be found on the Sunshine Coast Council website.

6. Parking on campus

6.1 Vehicles must be parked within a marked bay in an area designated for parking.

6.2 Restricted zones/areas

Areas on the campus may be marked for a particular type of vehicle or permit, and may not
be available to all permit holders or visitors. These areas include:

  • Accessible (Disability) parking bays
  • Commercial Loading Zones
  • Loading zones
  • USC Tenants
  • Reserved area for USC vehicles (Car Parks 2 and 3)
  • University fleet vehicle area (Asset Management Services)
  • Parents with prams

6.3 The conditions of Parking in these areas are:-

(a) Accessible (Disability) Parking
Holders of current Queensland Disability Parking Permit (Red) and Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP - blue permit) issued by the Department of Transport and Main Roads are permitted to park free of charge in parking bays designated with disability parking signage.

(b) Commercial Loading Zones
Contractors and service vehicles must park in commercial vehicle loading zones or car parks after purchasing appropriate eTickets or ePermits. Commercial vehicle loading zones must only be used by vehicles that are primarily designed and constructed for carrying goods; such as vans, utilities, trucks, etc.

(c) Loading zones
Loading zones are primarily for the use of commercial vehicles delivering or picking up goods, but may be also used by other vehicles to pick up people (permitted to stop for only two minutes) or for goods.

(d) USC Tenants
Only vehicles expressly authorised by the Tenant may park in bays designated for the Tenant. Such vehicles must hold a valid eTicket or ePermit and display a reserved permit hook for designated tenancy bay.

(e) Reserved Area for USC vehicles (excluding Car Parks 2 and 3)
Only University vehicles may park in the designated USC Vehicles bays in Car Parks 2 and 3 and other areas of the Campus. Such vehicles must hold a valid ePermit. Vehicles must display a reserved permit hook.

University funds cannot be used to pay parking fines.

(f) Car Parks 2 and 3
Parking in Car Parks 2 and 3 is reserved for University staff who hold a valid staff ePermit and other authorised visitors (see Visitor Parking). All vehicles must have a valid ePermit or eTicket.

(g) University fleet vehicles
The area adjacent to Facilities Management building is reserved for University fleet vehicles.

(h) Parents with prams (Car Park 8)
Only vehicles authorised by Student Life and Learning may park in the designated Parents with Prams bays in Car Park 8. Such vehicles must hold a valid eTicket or ePermit.

6.4 Car Park 15 (Claymore Road)

Car Park 15 (Claymore Road) is designated a free parking area.

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7. Ticketless parking meters (eTickets)

Ticketless Parking Meters cater for staff, students and visitors who require one-off or casual parking on campus. After parking your vehicle within a marked parking bay in a car park, proceed to the nearest Ticketless Parking Meter within 15 minutes and enter the time that you wish to stay (4 hours or daily eTicket), and enter your licence plate registration. No paper tickets will be issued. There is no need to place stickers or permits on your vehicle. The Ticketless Parking Meters will accept credit cards or coins (no notes). Make note of code if your require a receipt. A full-day eTicket can also be purchased online through the University website. Require a parking receipt, visit, enter receipt code (from meter) and your vehicle’s registration number, click Get Receipt, click on ‘Receipt’ button to download to set up automatic email for future eReceipts click on ‘Setup email' and enter your email address.

8. ePermits

8.1 The University has implemented an ePermit system. The purchase of a six month or 12 month ePermit can be made online through the University website. They are available to all staff and students, and others who are part of the University community. If you are uncertain of your eligibility, contact Asset Management Services (Parking Services). An ePermit does not guarantee a parking space. ePermits are not transferrable.

8.2 Additional vehicles may be registered on an ePermit by submitting a form located on the University website. Only one vehicle nominated on an ePermit may be parked on the campus at any one time using that ePermit. If more than one nominated vehicle is parked on the campus, the additional vehicle/s must have a valid eTicket for the period it is parked on the campus. A vehicle registration may only be registered against one ePermit. An infringement notice will be issued for non-compliance.

8.3 Staff may salary sacrifice the purchase of an ePermit. Applications for the salary sacrifice ePermit are available on the USC Portal. Salary sacrifice permits can be cancelled at any time permanently or for periods of leave greater then twelve weeks by emailing or on termination of employment.

9. Visitor parking

9.1 Visitors and volunteers are required to purchase an eTicket or ePermit. These may be purchased by the visitor or volunteer, or purchased by a faculty or department on their behalf. This can be done online through the University website.

9.2 Only visitors authorised by a member of the Senior Staff Group will be given access to park in Car Parks 2 and 3. Requests by authorised persons are to be made to Such vehicles must hold a valid eTicket or ePermit.

9.3 Visitor access to car parks 2 and 3 does not guarantee a parking space with the exception of VIP visitors eg Governor General, Premier etc.

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10. Construction site parking

Construction site workers can park freely in an area that has been designated as a construction site.

Vehicles parking outside the construction site must comply with the conditions set out in this

11. Motorcycle parking

Motorcycles may only park in the designated motorcycle parking areas, with a valid eTicket or ePermit. The University Land Traffic and Parking Rules prohibit motorcycles parking in vehicle parking bays.

12. Bicycles

Bicycles are to be parked in a secure bicycle station/hub or in an appropriate bicycle rack. No parking fees will be charged for bicycles. Bicycles are not to be secured to building parts or fixtures, trees, outdoor furniture, etc. Securing bicycles in these areas may result in an infringement.

13. Speed Limits

Vehicles are to be driven safely and according to the sign-posted speed limit at all times.

14. Shared zones

At all times on all roads on University-owned land, pedestrians and cyclists have right of way.
Operators of vehicles on University premises must give way to pedestrians and cyclists.

15. Special circumstances

An application for consideration under special circumstances may be made in the first instance by writing to


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Schedule 1 – Parking fees

1.1 Parking fees

University parking fees are either paid daily via eTicket or, 6 monthly or 12 monthly via ePermit.

1.2 Casual parking

eTickets - casual parking (pay daily, at Ticketless Parking Machines or online through the University website)

  4 hours or less More than 4 hours
Car A$3 A$5
Motorcycle A$2 A$3
1.3 Students, community, and staff (non-salary sacrifice)

Students, staff (not wishing to salary sacrifice), visitors and tenants have the option of buying a 6-month or 12-month ePermit.

ePermits — 6-month or 12-month (Full payment upfront, online)
  Students — 6 month Staff and Community — 6 month Students — 12 month Staff and Community — 12 month
Car A$100 A$180 A$200 A$360
Motorcycle A$50 A$50 A$80 A$80
1.4 Staff
ePermits – 12-month (Salary Sacrifice Application Form)
Car A$19.20 per fortnight

Staff (excluding sessional and casual staff) may elect to salary sacrifice an ePermit through fortnightly pre-tax salary deductions.

1.5 Refunds

If you have paid for an ePermit before Week 1 of the semester and withdraw before the end of Week 1 of the same semester, you can apply for a full refund.

If you have paid for an ePermit and withdraw before the census date of the semester you bought the ePermit, you can apply for a 50% refund.

If you have paid for an ePermit and withdraw after the census date of the semester you bought the ePermit, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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