Parking fees and fines

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Parking fees and fines


Parking costs 
USC Sunshine Coast Only - eTickets - casual parking (pay daily, on campus)
Vehicle type 4 hours or less More than 4 hours
Car A$3 A$5
Motorcycle A$2 A$3
USC Sunshine Coast and USC Moreton Bay - ePermits – 6-month or 12-month (pay upfront, online)

Students, staff, visitors and tenants have the option of buying a 6-month or 12-month ePermit.

Vehicle type Students – 6 month Staff and community – 6 month Students – 12 month Staff and community – 12 month
Car A$100 A$180 A$200 A$360
Motorcycle A$50 A$50 A$80 A$80
USC Sunshine Coast only - Pay for casual parking (eTicket)

metroMeter140xX.jpgDaily and half-daily parking eTickets are available to students, staff, tenants and visitors to the campus and are available for purchase via one of the Ticketless Parking Meters located around campus.

Daily (4 hours or more) and multi day eTickets are also available for purchase online.

  1. Park on campus in a paid parking zone
  2. Go to the nearest Ticketless Parking Meter (refer to the parking map)
  3. Enter your vehicle's registration number and select car OR motorcycle
  4. Choose from two options: 4 hours or less (A$3 car; A$2 motorcycle) OR more than 4 hours (A$5 car; A$3 motorcycle)
  5. Pay with coins, Mastercard or Visa. No notes accepted. No change given.
  6. Note your receipt code.
Require a parking receipt
  1. Visit
  2. Enter receipt code (from meter) and your vehicle’s registration number
  3. Click Get Receipt
  4. Click on ‘Receipt’ button to download
  5. To set up automatic email for future eReceipts click on ‘Setup email' and enter your email address

Important note:

  • Remember your registration when paying at the Ticketless Parking Meter.
  • You must pay within 15 minutes of parking on campus.
  • Parking at USC is a ticketless system using numberplate recognition technology—there is no need to print or display a ticket or permit on your vehicle.
USC Sunshine Coast and USC Moreton Bay - Purchase a 6-month or 12-month ePermit

ePermits are available to purchase online in two categories: 

  • USC Student ePermit
  • USC Staff and Community (non student) ePermit
  1. Go to USC's secure payments facility.
  2. Select the USC Student or USC Staff and Community ePermit option.
  3. Complete all mandatory fields (including your vehicle's registration number) and select 6-month car; 6-month motorcycle; 12-month car; or 12-month motorcycle.
  4. Based on your selection, the amount will automatically be calculated.
  5. Finalise payment using your credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  6. Wait for an activation notice, confirming receipt of your payment and processing of your registration number, to be sent to your nominated email address before parking on campus.

Important note: USC Sunshine Coast Only

  • Parking at USC is a ticketless system using numberplate recognition technology—there is no need to print or display a ticket or permit on your vehicle.
  • Refer to general parking information for more details, including multiple vehicle registration.
  • The definition of Community in relation to the Staff and Community ePermit includes, but is not limited to, Innovation Centre staff and tenants, Education Queensland employees, Co-op Bookshop staff, sessional and casual staff, consultants, contractors, construction workers, sport precinct users, etc.
  • Refer to the conditions of purchase and use.
Conditions of purchase and use
  • By purchasing an eTicket or ePermit you agree to abide by the rules of parking and driving on campus or risk infringement.
  • An eTicket or ePermit does not guarantee a parking space on campus.
  • Your ePermit is only active once you receive an email notification from You are required to purchase daily tickets until such notification is received.
  • ePermits are effective from the date you select at time of purchase.
  • ePermits are non refundable.
  • ePermits are not transferrable.
  • ePermits allow multiple vehicles to be registered on the one ePermit, however, only one nominated vehicle can be on campus using the ePermit at any one time. The other vehicle is required to purchase an eTicket when both vehicles are on campus at the same time. The additional vehicle's listing on the ePermit is only active once you receive an email notification from You are required to purchase daily tickets until such notification is received.
  • Additional vehicles can be registered on your permit by completing the online form. A vehicle registration may only be registered against one ePermit.
  • Salary-sacrificed ePermits can be cancelled at any time permanently or for periods of leave greater then twelve weeks by emailing Cancellation takes effect in the next fortnightly pay period.
  • Salary-sacrificed ePermit requests are only processed if sent via the nominated staff member's USC email account.
  • It is your responsibility to renew your ePermit (unless salary sacrificing) if and when required.
  • It is your responsibility to change your ePermit's vehicle registration number if required. This can be done by completing the online form or AMS Connect.

USC Sunshine Coast Only

Sunshine Coast Council parking inspectors enforce parking regulations on campus and in surrounding streets. Failure to purchase a current eTicket or ePermit will result in an infringement notice being issued.

Park only in designated areas, not in restricted areas such as service roads, driveways, building entrances or grassed areas. If you are not parked in a marked bay, you are parked illegally and risk an infringement notice.

Refer to the Sunshine Coast Council website for further information in relation to the enforcement of parking penalties, including penalty amounts, how to pay and how to appeal.

The University is not able to enter into any dispute over a parking infringement notice or resulting fine.

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