Craig Brauer

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Craig Brauer


Actor, student and humanitarian

The best day of my life was the day I got the USC offer. I didn't even recognise I had this ahead of me. If you dream about the biggest thing you want to be, it'll be the choices you make that will lead you there. I wake up each day and wonder what the day will bring.

In my USC course I get lots of feedback from lecturers that has helped tweak and fine tune my work and who I am. I have become someone I didn't think I'd become, in a very positive sense. I am more confident, out-going. It's unlocked who I am, shown me my potential.

I have met and hang around with people who are my people, people I want to know for the rest of my life. I had trouble at school, trying to fit in, always thinking of what image I had to have. At USC, that's stopped and I don't care anymore about the negative things people think.

I met my wife here at USC and she does Biomedical Science and is learning about diseases and I have learnt things from her. It's funny how I married someone interested in that. I would like to build disease research centres in third world countries where they really need it.

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