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Kristi Browne


My job

I respond to emergency medical calls from the general public. You are out there with just your partner. There are no doctors to tell you what to do. You make your own decisions, problem-solve and think outside the box.

You can be sent to all different environments from an office building up four flights of stairs, to the bottom of a ditch in the darkness and pouring rain. I like the challenge that provides and especially learning to do everything in a moving vehicle.

It is not like the movies with crazy car accidents and CPR every day. A lot of the work we do also involves routine things like chest pains and asthma. It is only occasionally that you get the huge jobs.

How I got the job

I applied and filled out the selection criteria. I then sat an interview, clinical exam, driving program, and fitness, psychiatric and health tests. I was one of only 10 university graduates in Australia to gain entry to the ACT Graduate Paramedic.

What I enjoy most

Every day is so different. It is interesting and challenging. It can be laid back one minute and hectic the next. It is a job where you can make a difference.

It is an amazing feeling when you find out someone you helped resuscitate is now healthy and back home with their family again. The Paramedic program in the ACT is very sought after and it is an excellent service.

Through the program I have the chance to become an Intensive Care Paramedic years before I would in other states.

Why university?

I couldn't have gotten where I am today without it. A bachelor degree is a required qualification for employment with the ambulance service.

Why USC?

USC offered Paramedic Science and the high number of practicum hours as part of the USC degree gave me the extra knowledge and experience to confidently start working on road.

USC also has a dedicated Paramedic Science and Engineering building, so the facilities are top notch. As an added bonus, USC was my local university so I didn't have to move to Brisbane.

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