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  1. Take a photo of wildlife you see on the grounds of any USC campus. (Note: respect their boundaries! Do not hurt, touch, harass or unnecessarily cause stress to animals while photographing.) The wildlife must be alive at the time of the photograph. Any image of deceased wildlife will be disqualified.
  2. Email two high resolution JPEG (minimum 300 dpi resolution) copies of your photo. One resized to 2400x3000 pixels (or 3000x2400 pixels) and the second copy of your photo resized to 200x135pixels (or 135x200). (Note: We may ask you to re-submit your photo if you don't send us an image with a high enough resolution or they do not meet the required size dimensions, please do not use your mobile phone.) There is a maximum file size limit of 10 megabytes for emails to the above address. If you have multiple images to enter please send them in separate emails.
  3. In the email provide:
    1. your name,
    2. your student ID,
    3. which USC campus the photo was taken on,
    4. the title of your image/s, and
    5. a short description of your image/s.
  4. Entries are limited to a total of 3 photographs per student.  Note: If more than 3 entries are received, the first 3 will be counted as that student's entries.

There is a maximum file size limit of 10 megabytes for emails to the above address. If you have multiple images to enter please send them in separate emails.

Prize nomination period

The prize nomination period commences on 5 August and ends midnight 1 September 2019.


Winners will receive:

1st prize: A$1,000 cash and A$500 TEDs Camera store voucher
2nd prize: A$300 cash and A$300 TEDs Camera store voucher
3rd prize: A$200 cash and A$200 TEDs Camera store voucher

Entry requirements
  • You must be a student currently enrolled at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Please ensure you provide your current student ID number with the title and description of your competition photo/s.
  • The prize is open to individual entries only, no group entries will be considered valid.
  • Please note your image may be posted to the University of the Sunshine Coast’s social media feeds, including, but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. (Appropriate credits will be included.)
Technical quality details
  • Do not use filters, however you may crop, adjust colour and contrast using editing software.
  • Do not manipulate to add extra contents using any editing software to your image, apart from the above.
  • The image should be sharp – that is that the main subject of the image should be in focus.
  • The photo should not be over or under-exposed.
  • Artificial lighting like flash is allowed but not recommended unless you have experience in controlling flash exposures.
The brief

The winning entries will have compositions that are well-balanced. The primary subject is kept away from the edge of the frame. Horizons are level. No artificial light has been added unless it is well-controlled, such as fill flash or bounced natural light that leaves the image looking as it appears in nature. They will be unique images that excite our senses and offer new ways of seeing familiar topics. The images can stand-alone and capture the imagination or emotion of the viewer.

Judging criteria

The judges are a panel of USC staff and a representative from the Mills family familiar with nature and wildlife photography. Based on the eligibility and selection criteria, a group of finalists will be selected and the top three awardees selected to receive the 'Prize'.

All contest entries will be judged on:

Technical quality

Exposure, colour and focus accuracy


Balance, colour and colour harmony (e.g. subject placement and compelling composition)


The Photographers unique/individual approach

Artistic merit 

Perceived quality/value as a work of art (e.g. viewer impact, positive engagement)

Winner notification

Winners will be announced at the Gerard Mills Memorial Prize for Wildlife Photography reception in October 2019. If the winners are not present at the reception they will be notified by email. Works by finalists will be displayed on large LCD screens, or a data projector during a presentation event in the USC Visualisation Studio on the Sunshine Coast campus in October 2019.

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