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Watch the Editing with Umbraco — Metadata video (2.5min) to learn how to add and edit metadata.

All pages in the Back Office include a metadata tab. This tab contains properties like keywords, content summary, review date, and others as applicable to each document type.

Accurate metadata improves the search visibility of your page, both for the website search and search engines.

Google will use the text in the description field in their search results and so does our own site search, so it is very important that your page description is succinct and describes the page accurately.

  • Keywords: Think carefully about your keywords – include words that describe your content but may not actually be used anywhere in the text. Different visitors will use different search terms, don’t let your pages become invisible.
  • Description: Enter a short 1-2 sentence description about what visitors can find on the web page. This will summarise the page content on search results.
  • Review date: The review date is normally set to 6 months in advance on all new web pages unless you have a reason to want to see the page before then - maybe you know that some of the content will need updating in, say, 2 months, in which case set the date accordingly. If you are reviewing an existing web page remember to update the review date before saving and sending to publish. The maximum date you can set a review date is 6 months, however, you can pick a date anytime in between that suits you.


On your training page:

  1. Select the Metadata tab
  2. Add five keywords
  3. Add a page description
  4. Select a review date within 6 months
  5. Select Save and preview at the bottom of your page. A new tab will open with a preview of your web page.
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