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Business, IT and tourism


We offer business education to give you the skills you need to succeed.

Bachelor degrees (Undergraduate)


Program Program length * 2018 teaching period fee ($AUD) Estimated total tuition fee ($AUD)**
064623F Associate Degree in Business 2 years $10,900 $43,600
096268M Bachelor of Animal Ecology/Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management) 4 years $12,100 $96,800
022805C Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business 4 years $11,000 $88,000
022807A Bachelor of Business 3 years $11,000 $66,000
028849J Bachelor of Business (Honours) 1 year $12,100 $24,200
076977C Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) 3 years $11,000 $66,000
028845B Bachelor of Business (International Business) 3 years $11,000 $66,000
028847M Bachelor of Business (Management) 3 years $11,000 $66,000
028846A Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 3 years $11,000 $66,000
066415J Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management) 3 years $11,000 $66,000
065673K Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 4 years $11,200 89,600
065675G Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) 4 years $11,200 $89,600
022809K Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science 4 years $12,100 $96,800
076978B Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 3 years $11,200 $67,200
076979A Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) 3 years $11,200 $67,200
075467M Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) 1 year $12,100 $24,200
084973G Bachelor of Design and Marketing 3 years $11,200 $67,200
048930F Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology 3 years $11,000 $66,000


CRICOS code Program Program length * 2018 teaching period fee ($AUD) Estimated total tuition fee ($AUD)**
084894F Diploma in Business 1 year $10,500 $21,000

Postgraduate degrees

CRICOS code Program Program length * 2018 teaching period fee ($AUD) Estimated total tuition fee ($AUD)**
067674D Graduate Certificate in Business Administration 6 months $12,500 $12,500
065611B Graduate Certificate in Management 6 months $12,500 $12,500
067675C Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 1 year $12,500 $25,000
066777E Master of Business Administration 1.5 years  $12,600 $37,800
088886G Master of Business Administration (extended) 2 years $12,600 $50,400
088887F Master of Business Administration/Master of International Business 2 years $12,600 $50,400
077420K Master of International Business 1.5 years  $12,600 $37,800
092873M Master of Information and Communication Technology 2 years $12,600 $50,400
082695G Master of Management 2 years $12,600 $50,400
059557J Master of Professional Accounting 2 years  $12,600 $50,400

Higher Degrees by Research

CRICOS code Program Program length * 2018 Semester Tuition Fee

Estimated annual
tuition fees

076976D Doctor of Philosophy 4 years $13,600 $27,200
065370C Master of Business by Research 2 years $13,600 $27,200
Important information about tuition fees
  • * Only a full-time study option is available to international students on a Student visa
  • Tuition fees for a teaching period^ are based on 2018 rates. The fees indicated are based on a full time 48 unit enrolment in a teaching period. Fees payable are based on enrolment load in a teaching period.
  • You should check the study plan of your chosen program for further information about the standard course enrolment in each teaching period.
  • ** Estimated total tuition fees are based on 2018 rates and the minimum number of courses required within the programs standard duration.
  • Tuition fees are reviewed each calendar year. The fee you must pay for a given teaching period is that which has been approved by USC for the calendar year in which the teaching period commences.
  • Any increase in tuition fees from one calendar year to the next will be no more than 7%.
  • All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (A$).
  • Program details are subject to change.
  • For semester/trimester dates refer to the academic calendars.
  • Refer to the Student Fees and Charges - Governing Policy for information about administrative fees that may apply
  • Refer to your program page for course/program related costs that may apply
  • For information about USC's refund procedures refer to Student Fees, Charges and Refunds - Procedure
^ Teaching period could refer to Semester/Trimester of Session

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