Application for reduced study load (international students)

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Application for reduced study load (international students)


This form should be used by international students only. Domestic students should apply for a leave of absence.

International students on a Student visa should complete this form to apply for approval of a reduced study load. A reduced study load is an enrolment in a compulsory study period which is less than your program’s required course load. Student visa holders are required to enrol in such a way that allows them to complete their studies by the end date listed on their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Please note, USC cannot issue a new CoE if you reduce your study load without prior approval and, as a result of your under-enrolment, you are unable to complete your program by the expected end date. Without a valid CoE, you will not be able to renew your Student visa and may be required to complete your program outside of Australia.

Guidelines For Reduced Study Load

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, or ESOS Act, legislation requires international students to complete their programs within the duration specified on the student’s current Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

The University can allow a student to enrol in less than a ‘full-time’ load in any study period if any of the following apply:

a) There are compassionate or compelling reasons for reducing the load

You may enrol in a reduced study load if you have compassionate and compelling reasons which warrant a reduced study load. To evidence your circumstances, you must include a personal statement as well as appropriate supporting documentation, e.g. USC medical certificate PDF, approved program advice regarding study structure, a letter of support from counselling staff at USC Student Wellbeing, or any other relevant supporting documents.

b) The reduced load is part of the provider’s intervention strategy

You may enrol in a reduced study load if you have been advised to reduce your workload as part of USC’s Monitoring Academic Progress policy. This academic intervention must be confirmed in writing by staff at Student Services and Engagement at Student Central.

c) The student has studied, or plans to study, extra units in another study period

You may enrol in a reduced study load if it is confirmed that you can enrol in courses in non- compulsory study periods and complete your studies by the end date of your current CoE. You must discuss your enrolment with a Program Advisor at Student Central and retain their written advice.

d) The student has only a few units left to complete and these do not constitute a full-time load.

You may enrol in a reduced study load if you are enrolled in the last remaining courses you require to complete your program.

e) Pre-requisite units are not available in that study period

You may enrol in a reduced study load if you cannot study a full-time load due to course availability, e.g. courses have pre-requisites which you have not yet completed. You must discuss your enrolment with a Program Advisor at Student Central and retain their written advice.

Application for reduced study load

Personal information
Must end in
Details for reduced study load
eg 2018
Statement of circumstances
Supporting documentation
Select what documentation you are providing
Student declaration

By submitting this form, I declare that: - To the best of my knowledge the information supplied is correct and complete. I acknowledge that incomplete information or missing supporting documentation may result in the application being returned to me. - I understand that formal communications at USC are provided electronically and will be sent to my University email account.

Privacy statement

The University of the Sunshine Coast collects, stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering student and prospective student admissions, enrolment and education. The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements. For further information consult the University’s Privacy policy at:

Information is also collected on this form in order to meet our obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code 2018; as applies to Student visa holders, to ensure student compliance with the conditions of their visas and their obligations under Australian immigration laws generally. The authority to collect this information is contained in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, the Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2001 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

This information can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager.

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