Work, Social Life and Study: It's a Balancing Act!

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Work, Social Life and Study: It's a Balancing Act!


Twilight markets at the Art Gallery

17 November 2015

I've worn a few hats in my 23 years, one of those being a circus performer, and now a Creative Industries student here at USC.

Studying is all about 'balance' and as most students would know there comes a time at the end of semester where the light at the end of the tunnel becomes just visible... (right actually!) However, the trick is to look further ahead, not down at your feet.

With one exam down and one essay to go... surely I am not going to fall off at this point?

Take this advice from an ex-tightrope walker and unicyclist: you only lose balance if you stop pedalling. I still have 2 years to go however, so like a true magician, I will need all the tricks up my sleeve I can get! (I will confess here: all puns are fully intended.)

In life, we all have hoops to jump through and more than enough to juggle, but it comes down to timing, and more specifically, time management. If you're reading this as a current uni student, you know that last-minute, late night habits only prove one thing: if you act like a clown, your life will become a circus. I'm all about making this journey the most entertaining it can be, but only if we learn to adapt and change according to the conditions we are in, can we reach our full potential.

Studying here at USC has given me this opportunity: to rise, and shine, take centre stage and put my Creative Writing ambitions into action. Two years ago I would have never believed the feats I've achieved. They are by no means 'high flying', but becoming a Student Ambassador, being published now twice in USC's Creative Writing Anthology and performing for this year's Art Gallery Twilight Markets are just some of the experiences I've had, and a semester abroad in Italy will surely be the highlight of my degree! No matter what stage, age or background you are in, there is something at USC for everyone.

So, what do you do when you have reached the end of that tunnel - as in, you have astonished your lecturers and peers with your adept juggling skills and academic acrobatics and are looking ahead to (drumroll, please) Graduation? Now, you truly are up in the air! Instead of thinking 'uh oh...I'm going to be thrown into the lions den!', perhaps take a step back (okay, a few steps) and find out what USC can do for you! As an alumni, you are the Ringmaster of your own circus now, so be flexible to new opportunities and be ready to face up to the challenges ahead. When I say challenges and opportunities, I mean employment-related and there is a perfect opportunity coming up for those in their final semester and it's being held on December 1st:

'So What's Next?' — A free Student Life and Learning Careers event

Date: 1 December 2015
Time: 6–8pm 
Venue: EG.14, Sippy Downs campus.

Go on, circle that Tuesday evening in your diary and register now!

For those of you who are about to take a leap of faith to gain a graduate position, I wish you all the best; and, to those also expanding their horizons, perhaps with starting a new degree right here at USC, it may feel like you're on a rollercoaster, but once you get going, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

By Bianca Millroy.

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