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Fraser Dreamin - Dunes for Days!


Students on Fraser Island

21 October 2015

While some of you spent your holidays partying, working, or being the A grade uni student punching assignments out, I spent my holidays doing all three.

How is this possible? Well over the break a handful of students in the new course ENS330 Fraser Island Field Studies explored this incredible island for 4 days from a variety of different perspectives. We hiked the dune systems exploring the different environments Fraser has to offer. We swam in some of the clearest waters you will ever see. And we saw some pretty epic wildlife at the same time.

Work? What work? Well as we hiked the dunes and swam in the clear waters, we tested the quality and tried our best to convince tourists the waters were radioactive. (Fact: they believe it). And while the whales were breaching continuously across the horizon we were having close up encounters with dingo pups and keeping record of the wildlife.

Being an enviro student I have been privileged enough to make this my third trip to Fraser Island this year with Uni, with every trip being completely different each time. With only a few weeks left of my degree, it's not the assignments and 8am lectures that I'll miss, it's the experiences I've been so lucky to have.

If you have an elective spare, or just enjoyed these photos I took while working, it wouldn't be the worst decision you have made or will make in your uni life to take this course, that's for sure.

By Jess Appel.

Field trip to Fraser Island for USC's new Fraser Island Field Studies course (ENS330).

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