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Learning and Loving Life


Tayler Stevenson

7 April 2016

Tayler StevensonWhile the lecturers and tutors at USC made my study enjoyable, it was the uni community that stands out in my memory. Especially the outdoor adventure trips with USC Activate - my favourite being the bi-annual Fraser Island trip. What happens on Fraser Island stays on Fraser Island, but I can say all Activate trips are packed with adventure, great people, and are not to be missed! (I’m sure that goes for other clubs and societies too…)

I have lots of tips for studying at uni, but there are three that stand out. Firstly is to realise that the uni experience goes far beyond the classroom. Learning happens throughout your uni career, so take charge of it and get involved! Join a club or society, put yourself out there, meet people and travel. I didn’t get in quick enough to do the Study Overseas program, but did travel Europe for 7 weeks and it added so much value to my learning (I did take a few weeks off uni, not that I recommend doing this). Not only will you look back on uni as one of the best times in your life, you’ll also do better at it from the sense of community and belonging (the community feel was something that I found was unique and special at USC). Second tip is take initiative to get to know your lecturers and peers, and my third tip is to do internships, practical placements, or some form of work experience. Nothing will prepare you better for your chosen future career, and USC is very supportive of this.

I’ve now scored a graduate job with BOC (a Member of The Linde Group) in Sydney, so for the next few years I will rotate through Sales & Marketing roles. Currently, I’m working as a Business Improvement Manager with a team of two direct reports. My role is to identify and pursue initiatives/projects that create value for customers, our people and the company, within Marketing, Sales and Customer Service of our Key Customers segment. Soon I’ll be launching my first project to migrate customers to order and transact online. I love getting out and exploring this industry that is completely new to me, and finding ways to improve it from my marketing perspective. Already I’ve been out meeting customers with our truck drivers, sales reps, and customer service reps, in addition to backend functions such as pricing, billing, credit and query resolution. The corporate world is so different to uni, and I’m learning a lot, but USC has set me up with the skills to take it on! And while corporate life takes up a lot of time, I’ve been exploring greater Sydney on most weekends (there’s so much to see and do!). Now that I’m not on student-pennies I think I’ll be able to squeeze in some more travel, with trips around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada in the coming years. Then Asia and the rest of the world. Speaking of which, I should start planning my next big adventure! Maybe a few weeks of ‘backpacking’ Tasmania by Mountain Bike. Then NZ via hiking trails… USA/Canada by campervan… and across the Asian continent by motorbike.

I’m dedicated to being a life-long learner. Whether that is through travelling, pushing myself to new levels at work, or completing further study. Speaking of which, I do hope to complete my Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and possibly continue down a research pathway in marketing, especially as it is a rapidly evolving industry. In saying that, who knows what the future will hold, and I’m not tied down to anything so I hope to take opportunities as they come up. For now it is working in management/marketing, and I do hope to have an opportunity to work internationally with The Linde Group in Europe for a few years before coming back home to Australia. I will be happy as long as I’m able to make a positive impact on the world and deliver value to people’s lives, while learning and loving life with a sense of adventure.

By Tayler Stevenson

Tayler is graduating with a Bachelor of Business on 8 April 2016.

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