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Stay Healthy Sunshine Coast!


Jackson Dickfos - Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science (majoring in Sport Management).

16 February 2016

I pass KFC on the way home from uni everyday, and I’ve been craving large chips with extra salt for the last couple of days. But maybe I could skip straight to dessert… duck into the Caltex Servo, polish off a Golden Gaytime and wash it down with a raspberry slushie instead?! Tempting idea in theory. But aside from leaving me flat broke (junk food is expensive!) and with an empty tank, unhealthy eating, funnily enough, makes me feel unhealthy. Thankfully healthiness can be achieved by so many more things than just what you put in your gob or how many times you flex your biceps, but we'll get to that later. Right now though, I’ve conjured up four sneaky/unique/cost-efficient healthy eating tips that might just get you out of trouble.

1. Supply & demand shopping: Fruit and veggies are more expensive when there is less supply of them i.e. when they're not 'in season'. All fruit and veg have certain times/seasons of the year they grow well in and it's at those times they'll be in abundance. So scoff your gob with them then and save yourself a fortune! Duck into any of the farmers markets on the Coast and you'll find yourself some bargains, with farmers generally only stocking the stuff that's in large supply and therefore going cheap.

2. Frozen: You cab also give the frozen veggie section a red hot go. It’s cheaper than the fresh veggies and they last a lot longer without spoiling. Which means you can spread out your veggies over meals and not have to eat four cucumbers in one sitting before they go off!

3. Don’t shop hungry! Everyone has heard this one but it holds true! No matter how little you write down on your shopping list, if you shop hungry you will come back with 3 boxes of cereal, 10 packs of Tim Tams and a subscription to Chocolate Weekly! So eat before you shop.

4. ‘Special’ savvy: This almost goes without saying because as a uni student this will come as naturally as a fish to water. When out food hunting, keep an eye out for specials, deals, discounts, offers & coupons! Shopping around these can save you a heap of dosh over time. Nothing in life is free (except for those free cheese/yogurt tastings at the supermarket!).

Exercise can also be given the back seat during a busy schedule. Unless of course you’re a professional at increasing the intensity when moving from the desk to the fridge. But here are four tips that might help bring some inspiration to your fitness regime.

1. Variation: In ‘Sport and Exercise Science’ we learn that modifying muscle patterns, processes, speed of contractions and ranges of motion can further develop enlargement, strength, power, endurance and speed. Change is imperative. The mind and the body adapt to change and with adaptation comes growth, experience and an increase in knowledge. So mix it up!

2. Consistency: Give your variations and changes time to work. Be patient and respect your new implementations. History tells us long-term benefits don’t come from a couple of attempts at something new. So give it time to see the results of variation before changing mixing it up again.

3. Motivation: Find what makes you tick. Even though watching Rocky Balboa pump at it for a few minutes might amp you up, the ‘why’ component of what you’re doing is the thing that needs to be properly answered. The ‘why’ component is controversially the most important part of any plan, program or process. So find your 'why' motivation and pursue it.

4. Recovery: Meditation, relaxation, water treatment, massages, watching ‘Friends’ or listening to ‘The Backstreet Boys’. Discover your best recovery method because tomorrow is just as important as today and you need to prepare accordingly.

But as well as the above, live healthy by surrounding yourself with people who are nothing but a positive influence in your life. Live healthy by loving unconditionally, hugging people you know, and shaking the hands of people you don’t know. Live healthy by taking the time to indulge in conversation with someone whom you have common interests.

Be happy and satisfied knowing you have all you need, not necessarily all you want. Be happy by striving to be an energy giver on a daily basis, always seeing the glass half full. Be happy by realising you are inundated with opportunity daily!

Encourage regular banter, laugh at yourself and make someone smile. Form bro-mances, find love, draw inspiration from people and be that inspiration for others. Build bridges, create memories and direct your own dream and maybe then, we might just live healthier than we ever have before.

Be and live your best kind of healthy.

By Jackson Dickfos.

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