The Uni Accommodation Experience

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The Uni Accommodation Experience


12 May 2016

If you have never lived at Uni Central or Varsity, then you’re missing out on what you think it’s like living out of home for the first time.

Here are the top 10 points anyone living at uni accommodation can relate to:

Number 1: The ‘arrive home late awkward stare from neighbours and security’: Don’t worry; you’re likely to receive one or two …

Number 2: Geckos! Geckos everywhere! If you think you’re alone in your bedroom, think again. There have been many cases where standing on furniture is normal because you’re scared of a tiny, unexpected visitor.

Number 3: Parking catastrophes: There’s nothing worse coming home from a big shopping trip only to find someone is occupying your space. Now what are you suppose to do with the boot full of refrigerated groceries?

Number 4: Someone ate my food: If you have lived in uni accommodation longer than one semester, you know that locking your food away is mandatory. Don’t worry when the freshies move in, they’ll understand why you’re so paranoid.

Number 5: Collect package from the office: The best news you will ever receive during your time living at uni accommodation. It’s just something about that email that makes you jump for joy and run down to the office.

Number 6: The electric frypan is your best friend: If you have an old stove, then your electric frypan will be over-worked.

Number 7: I cooked and didn’t burn the apartment down! We’ve all had that secret satisfaction and happy dance when no one is looking.

Number 8: Internationals: While it’s nice being friends with Internationals, you also have to say goodbye when they go back home. It’s always heartbreaking.

Number 9: Lost keys? Better start digging into your savings. Replacement fees are worse than buying textbooks.

Number 10: Oh I’m sorry were you sleeping? If you’re a serious student who enjoys sleep and your roommates like to party, then there is going to be conflict! 

I’m sure if you’re already living in uni accommodation you can relate to most, if not all of those points. While there are many interesting surprises to look forward to, there are also lots of opportunities to make amazing, life-long friends. The accommodation is full of students hoping to make friends; you just have to leave your apartment and find them. Goodluck!

By Lianna Speers.


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