Exam time is scram time!

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Exam time is scram time!



21 October 2016

Stress can mean different things to different people particularly around exam time. What one person can handle can send another into a nervous breakdown. Have you ever wondered why some people can work all day, go home and cook, clean the house and keep up with current affairs while to others the thought of housework is as appealing as watching 24 hours of question time (law students excepted)?

Fear not. Even for the most wound up of students, especially around this crucial time of the semester, there are ways that can help you to chill-out. You’ve probably heard of a few of them. Meditation works for some people. The act of letting your thoughts flow and be mindful of their bodily sensations floats a lot of people’s boats. But some, including yours truly, find it frustrating. Our minds don’t all work the same and therefore maybe meditation isn’t for you.

Another tried and tested way to calm your farm is to exercise. It doesn’t have to be extreme sports, merely walking or jogging can help to get some nervous energy out. Stress often makes people want to avoid the things they are worried about. So the tendency to stay indoors and binge watch Netflix while the assignments stack up is tempting.

The problem with this is those assignments/ bills /puppies you have not fed in months are still going to be there regardless. So I have the solution:

Lists. I know, sounds fun right!?

Lists can help deconstruct the problems you have and then using the critical thinking that USC has taught us all, break them down into order of importance. For example, if you have an assignment due in a week, why are you working on one that’s due in a month? Or if you have a test tomorrow morning, should you really have been looking at memes for the last hour? If you’re finding the cost of fuel and parking a bit too much to bear, why not take the bus for a while? The bus is surprisingly cheap and not as bad as people think.

Prioritise. Break the problems down into manageable pieces and watch yourself be the envy of Buddha himself as you conquer your issues.

By Lloyd Copper

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