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Keiran – Biomedical Science

Keiran had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. But after he left school at the end of Year 11 to pursue an apprenticeship, his dream seemed a long way off.

Keiran had been working as a tradesperson for more than 10 years when, in 2012, a desire to “do more” inspired him to enrol in USC’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) program.

Six years later, he has completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and is halfway through a Doctor of Medicine program through the University of Wollongong’s Graduate School of Medicine.

Keiran said before he enrolled at USC, he wasn’t sure he was cut out for university, let alone postgraduate studies in medicine.

“There had been some health issues in my family, and being around medical staff in a hospital setting really inspired me,” he said. “I wanted to be part of the team that was helping my family, and I knew a degree was the way to achieve that.

“But I’d never had the confidence to pursue tertiary education. No one in my family had ever been to uni, so the idea was pretty daunting at first.”

After successfully completing TPP, Keiran enrolled in USC’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science, a three-year degree that gives students a comprehensive understanding of how the human body works and the impact of diseases, infections and clinical disorders on human health.

As he worked to complete his undergraduate studies, the requirements for medicine were always in the back of his mind.

“It was a four-year journey to get myself into the position where I was able to complete my undergraduate degree, sit the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT), and get a high enough score to apply to medical schools,” he said.

“The Biomedical Science program prepared me really well for the GAMSAT. And my lecturers were always happy to help, giving advice and time wherever they could.”

A few weeks after completing his undergraduate degree, Keiran received the news he’d been dreaming of – an offer of a place in a graduate medical school.

He said his time at USC had helped him thrive and excel in the first phase of his MD program.

“I am currently halfway through the medical program, and I believe I was so well prepared by the USC biomedical science degree,” he said. “It gave me solid foundations in physiology of the human body and pathological processes.

“I am currently on an obstetrics and gynaecology rotation, where I have just helped deliver my first baby. The clinical embryology minor I completed within the biomedical science program has given me a great head start in the knowledge, principles and understanding of maternal and foetal physiology.”

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