Mitch – Urban Design and Town Planning | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Mitch – Urban Design and Town Planning

In high school, Mitch loved subjects like maths, science and design. So, along with his parents, he assumed he would study engineering.

"A USC Student Ambassador who visited my school recommended Headstart, a pathway program that was offered, which allowed me to study two first-year university courses in Year 11. This was a fantastic decision as it gave me the opportunity to see what university was like and showed me that a Bachelor of Engineering was not what I wanted to continue studying.

“I was interested in the subjects, but I knew I wouldn’t wake up every day keen to go to work, and that’s what I was looking for in a career.”

So Mitch “went back to square one”, looking at course guides and university websites to find any programs related to maths, science and design. There, he came across USC’s degree in Urban Design and Town Planning.

Rather than simply designing buildings or infrastructure, urban designers and town planners work with government, industry and the community to create precincts and spaces that bring people together, and connect communities to the places around them.

“Town planning seemed like a good bridge between engineering and the other things I was interested in, like design, business and communication,” Mitchell said.

Mitch applied for his degree through USC's Early Offer Guarantee program and hasn't looked back.