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Brooke's story

“The day I received an email saying I had been chosen to receive a Study Support Bursary, I was in disbelief. I read it over and over again just to make sure I was reading it right and then called my family to share the fantastic news.

I’m extremely grateful and want to say a huge thank you to all those involved in supporting this program at USC. This Bursary has allowed myself and many others, to strive in our studies, without the financial pressures, and take every opportunity that arises because of your generosity.

You have helped students who were on the verge of giving up and have put a smile on their faces, reassuring them everything will be okay.

On behalf of all the USC Study Support Bursary recipients, your kind donations have helped us achieve goals that were unreachable before, and we can’t thank you all enough.”

Brooke Silcox