Melissa Geltch - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Melissa Geltch

Melissa is a current Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Sociology and minoring in Human Geographies and International Relations. Melissa completed her Tertiary Preparation Pathway Program at USC in 2019 and has been passionately engaged within the USC community through volunteering for events on campus and actively being involved with the Student Representative Council. Melissa focuses her studies at USC on gender, violence against women and children, and culture.

Prior to attending USC, Melissa lived in Indonesia working with (in a volunteer capacity); men and women in prison, inner-city slum community, young sex workers and teaching English to children in a child sponsorship program. It is during this time Melissa determined to return to study to develop her capacity to have a real and lasting impact on the rights of women and children. A passionate student, interested in creating an inclusive USC community where everyone rises and shines.

Melissa is a current Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador, having attended the 2020 Humanitarian Affairs Peace Summit for Emerging Leaders.

Her greatest accomplishment is being a sole parent to three uniquely creative young men, each leaving their mark on the world.