Nathan Wellington - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Nathan Wellington

Nathan is a mature age student, studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), with a minor in genetics.

Nathan’s career has predominantly involved senior management and executive roles within the corporate and film industries.

He has been actively involved in industry strategy and policy development and has represented the film industry in successfully lobbying state and federal offices for legislative change to the location tax offset and film funding model.

Nathan is a natural entrepreneur and has developed numerous new businesses throughout his career and currently successfully operates two on the Sunshine Coast whilst studying.

He has driven high profile, large scale, multi-million-dollar productions managing many hundreds of people within time sensitive and high-pressure deadlines. Nathan’s roles within peak industry bodies dealing with tiers of government has afforded him insight into government policy, development and planning. His entrepreneurial skills have translated strategy into measurable deliverables for commercial enterprises and businesses he has founded.

Nathan’s current study is directed towards behavioural genomics research.