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The Yarning Circle of Life

Nga Tana Lui Dhar

The Buranga Centre garden at USC Sunshine Coast was developed around the framework of the Yarning Circle of Life (Nga Tana Lui Dhar) shared by Debra Bennet from the teachings of her grandparents and Elders. Debra is a songwoman and holds lore for her clan within the Dhambari Bithala and Guthrie Wappa clans of the Gubbi Gubbi nation, and her clan within the Kullali. She is also a direct descendant of the Wakka Wakka.

The elements of earth, air, fire and water are universal to all Goori (human beings). In this Yarning Circle context they represent a holistic approach to learning, growth, wellbeing, development and leadership and are featured in this community gathering place.

Each element incorporates processes that reflect the learning and developmental stages of the individual, clan and language group (Nation). Each of the stages incorporate traditional milestone ceremonial practices honouring the individual's passage through the life cycle.