Farhana Sayeed - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Farhana Sayeed

Master of Health Promotion student from Bangladesh

My favourite part of studying at USC SouthBank is the tutorials. The teachers are really helpful and focus on the tasks and assignments, and take us through them. Even today, I had a workshop with tutor and she had us sit in our groups and start planning for our upcoming presentation so we could have a fair go.

I would say USC SouthBank is cosy – it’s a small area, but everyone knows everyone. The staff come and check on us. Student Central SouthBank is really helpful. It’s also motivating – if I go to Student Central SouthBank and talk to any of the staff, they ask how I’m going – not only with my studies, but life in general.

I have studied in bigger universities and they have resources, but the students aren’t aware of them. Whatever resources we have, the students are able to use. Everyone knows everyone, and we can check on each other.

I would definitely recommend applying for the Master of Health Promotion program.