Mohammad Iftekhar - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Mohammad Iftekhar

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) Graduate, 2014.

I researched all Australian universities and I found USC was the best. I was looking to get a globally recognised degree from a reputed University at a reasonable cost.

The teaching staff were awesome and helpful. They have been flexible in providing assistance. The lectures were interesting with lots of examples.

In the smaller classes at USC, you get more chance to interact with the teaching staff and this is imperative for international students because they can ask questions. If you are at a bigger university with bigger classes, you would be reluctant to interact and ask questions.

Managing study and work involved great time management skills. A student can work 40 hours a fortnight on a student visa. I was working in the mornings and doing lecturers and study in the afternoon. The tutors were flexible too, if your scheduled one was missed.

I lived the best years of my life in the two years at USC. I will never forget my time – making friends, and the professors who were all really helpful. Without the lecturers help, I would not have got through the program in time.

The big dream is to become a businessman and to do that you need to understand business laws and the accounting side of it. I might start with a small business and grow it as far as I can.