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Priscilla's story

“I completed my studies part-time and online between 2004 and 2007. I submitted all assignments online and took all exams online, which was really uncommon among my colleagues and school friends who either attended university on campus or went straight to work.

Having never attended campus, I didn’t go to my graduation ceremony. Rather than stop and take the time to celebrate my achievement, I just kept on working and built my career.

But when I received the offer to donate to USC’s Graduate Walk, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to recognise the contribution USC has made to my career and finally allow my Mum to share in my accomplishment.

As I listened to the speeches of graduates and faculty, I realised the difference our donations would make to students who were struggling to meet financial commitments.

It was also exciting and fun to locate our names and I felt a sense of pride, accomplishment and belonging to the University. Who would have thought I would be so interested in a brick?

It was priceless to share this experience with my Mum, Dorothy Benfield, and my partner, Rory Martin, and see how proud they were of me. I am so lucky to enjoy a successful career I love – giving people peace of mind about their financial future."