Dr Scott Burnett - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dr Scott Burnett

Gerard is a living treasure to this campus with his capacity to spend hours and hours on campus as an extremely proficient photographer and dedicated to documenting all of the campus wildlife.

He started out just a fella walking around campus taking photos, but he's upped the ante. He's now geo-tagging his photos. He's gone from creating a document of what's here, to where it is, as well. It will be a powerful tool for documenting changes in fauna on campus over time.

It has great value for students and it's a tool, especially in Animal Ecology courses. It's a resource for all sorts of ecological analyses and over time it just gets richer because you can look at changes.

He's really helped out with classes as well. He's come on Animal Ecology course field work and photographed the activity of students. He makes the photos he takes of wildlife available to students for their projects off his website.

He's also done a portfolio of all the kangaroos. Photographed them left and right profile and from front on for ID marks like scars. His work is being used for research by PhD students to follow the fate of individual kangaroos.

I've encouraged him to start looking at invertebrates – that is – spiders, ants and insects. He takes amazing photos, but they are the hidden 90% of campus wildlife

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