Quotes - Gerard Mills - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Quotes - Gerard Mills

"I’m doing my dream. To have the time to spend finding those magic moments with the creatures – nothing else to worry about! I’ve got to walk, I’ve got to walk the walk"

"… when I’m walking around I’m constantly looking, but my subconscious is categorising it. And so the subconscious takes in a lot of information that you are unconsciously aware of. And so, in my head, I have a whole lot of data"

"I talk to them. I’m guilty of that. I believe they hear me just like anybody else. I think our attitude displays a lot to creatures"

"I walk around the campus all the time, some days up to 20 kilometres in one day. It’s a long day so I walk a long way. Unless I’m photographing insects and they slow me right down"

"I'm mesmerised by the colours"

"When they're tiny, you don't get to see all the glory until you open up the photo, then it's like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow"

"It's the purity of colour in nature, the actual nature colour is pure"

"In nature, you get a pristine depth of colour"

"The insects just provide that raw talent of visual excitement. Especially some of the small stuff, you don’t see, even when you’re actually photographing them. You don’t see them until you get back and pull it up on the screen. And you think, I never thought those colours were in it. You can’t see it all the time in the camera"

"A good adventure is when you run into something you haven’t seen before or you are seeing something you see all the time, but never that way"

"Animals are like people – they have their personal space. If you give creatures their personal space, you get a long way because you start to see the things that sometimes I’m the only one that sees because I catch it on camera"

--Gerard Mills