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Koala detection survey request form


The Detection Dogs for Conservation team has already successfully trained several dogs, with Maya the koala poo detection dog being the most famous to date.

Maya is available to perform koala scat surveys (consultancy work).

Maya assists in the determination of koala presence or absence by locating koala faecal pellets by scent. Maya’s performances have been trialled in the field against typical (human-only) scat surveys: she was not only 20 times quicker, but also 150% more accurate!

Maya's past work

Maya has worked with many Councils, her latest projects have been surveys across entire shires as part of koala mapping in Gympie and Noosa. Maya also regularly is called to check for koala presence on properties, especially before they are bought and rehabilitated for koala conservation.

The area and number of sites that can be covered in a day are highly dependent on the type of survey wanted (number of trees searched, intensity of the search, etc), terrain, access, ground cover, density of vegetation, etc.


  • How effective are dogs in detecting koalas and scats?
  • How was Maya’s accuracy and efficiency proven?
  • Where does Maya the detection dog live?
  • Can Maya find koalas?
  • What can be known with koala scat surveys?
  • How long can Maya work a day?
  • How long is the training process?
  • What are Detection Dogs for Conservation values?
  • Is Detection Dogs for Conservation a not-for-profit organisation?
  • What is the cost involved in the koala surveys?

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