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Tel: +61 7 5456 5415

Street address

Global Change Ecology Research Group
90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs
Queensland  4556

Postal address

Global Change Ecology Research Group - Dr Celine Frere ML41
Locked Bag 4

Our people

Leadership team
  • Associate Professor Celine Frere
    Associate Professor Celine Frere

    Associate Professor, Animal Ecology

    Associate Professor Celine Frère has an established international reputation for research at the intersection of animal behaviour and genetics, with a focus on the function of social behaviour in animals and their responses to environmental change. She has worked across a wide range of empirical study systems and has strategically invested in building long-term, mutigenerational, life-history datasets which provide unmatched resources for the study of evolution in nature. She is also a strong advocate for women in STEM and was, in 2017, named one of Australia’s 30 "most dynamic scientists and technologists" (Science and Technology Australia) and recognised as a Superstar of STEM.

  • Dr Kylie Scales
    Dr Kylie Scales

    Senior Lecturer, Animal Ecology

    In recent years, Dr Scales has focused her research on dynamic habitat suitability modelling for mobile species as a near real-time, data-driven solution to the reduction of unsustainable fisheries bycatch. Dr Scales conducts research on ecological interactions, environmental interfaces and the mechanisms that underlie how animals respond to environmental conditions. As anthropogenic pressure on the natural environment intensifies, inter-disciplinary thinking will be required to predict how ecosystems and their wild inhabitants will respond to changing conditions. Hence, Dr Scales is interested in techniques for predicting ecosystem responses to anthropogenic threats, including global climate change.

  • Professor David Schoeman
  • Dr Scott Burnett
    Dr Scott Burnett

    Lecturer, Wildlife Ecology | Program Coordinator Bachelor of Animal Ecology

    Scott's specialist areas of knowledge include science, wildlife, australian wildlife, ecology of Australian carnivorous marsupials, conservation, ecology of marsupials, monitoring animals, fauna, feeding owls

  • Dr Romane Cristescu
    Dr Romane Cristescu

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow

    Dr Romane Cristescu is an early career scientist with expertise in conservation biology, landscape restoration, fauna responses to habitat loss and fragmentation, wildlife/human conflicts, threats to endangered species, and emerging infectious diseases in wildlife. She pioneered the use of conservation detection dogs to detect koalas through scat in Australia, and co-founded (with Dr Celine Frere) the Detection Dogs for Conservation initiative at USC.

  • Dr Javier Leon
    Dr Javier Leon

    Senior Lecturer, Physical Geography

    Dr Javier Leon's is a geographer with broad interests in geomorphology and particularly interested in the study and management of coastal systems including sandy beaches and coral reefs.

  • Dr Dominique Potvin
    Dr Dominique Potvin

    Lecturer in Animal Ecology

    Dr Potvin's research interests encompass two major avenues of study: 1) The proximate and ultimate sources of selection contributing to the evolution of vocalizations, especially birdsong; and 2) The impact of anthropogenic activities such as urbanization, noise and land use changes on vertebrate populations.

  • Dr Kasha Strickland
    Dr Kasha Strickland

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Dr Kasha Strickland's research interests lie in how animal behaviour is shaped by the environment. In particular, Kasha is interested in how individuals might use information contained in their environment to make behavioural decisions, how individuals might vary in their ability to do this, and how all of this might be caused by genetic variation.

  • Dr Kathy Townsend
    Dr Kathy Townsend

    Senior Lecturer, Animal Ecology

    Dr Kathy Townsend's research focuses on issues such as marine conservation and human impacts on the marine environment.

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