Meet our mob

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Meet some of the mob who call the Sippy Downs campus their home....

Meet Grace

She is seen most days around the front of the USC Sippy Downs campus or down by the lake. She is easily recognisable as she has large ears, a pink bottom lip and a light marking on her left toe.

Meet Joe

Joe is Grace's joey and can be recognised by his pink nose with light spots on both nostrils.

Meet Belle

Belle has a scar on her right hind leg as well as one on the left of her muzzle. She is one of the oldest of the females on campus.

Meet Yvette

Yvette is another of the large females often seen on the Sippy Downs campus. She has a distinctive white muzzle as well as dark stripes either side of her nose.

Meet Alana

Alana has a dark spot on her left cheek as well as grey hair around her muzzle. She is often seen by the lake.

Meet Ellie

Ellie is the smallest female currently around campus. She has very dark marks around her eyes.

Meet Jack

Jack is a new male on campus. He has a squinty left eye and scarring to the top of his right leg. He is often seen with the other females.

Meet Hugo

Hugo is one of the largest males seen around campus. He has a tear in his left ear and doesn’t like to be approached so give this boy some space!

Meet Bruno

The other of the large males seen around campus. He has no scars or tears on his ears and is recognisable by his size.

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