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Arts Research in Creative Humanities (ARCH)
Locked Bag 4 (ML16)
University of the Sunshine Coast

Our people

Executive members

  • Professor Gary Crew
    Professor Gary Crew

    Professor, Creative Writing

    Gary’s research encompasses creative writing, all matters pertaining to youth fiction, postcolonial studies in fiction and non-fiction, innovations in the illustrated book, contemporary fiction and ficto-critical writings. He is one of Australia’s most awarded authors.


  • Dr Clare Archer-Lean
    Dr Clare Archer-Lean

    Senior Lecturer in English

    Clare’s recent research focuses on human–animal studies (HAS), in particular how people value and create stories about animals. She is also interested in how Indigenous storytelling provides insight into dwelling in more sustainable ways.

  • Dr Renee Barnes
    Dr Renee Barnes

    Senior Lecturer, Journalism

    Renee's passion is online journalism and her research focus is in this field. Her research includes participation on online news websites, social media, participatory journalism, alternative and community journalism and the audience of news.

  • Dr Harriot Beazley
    Dr Harriot Beazley

    Senior Lecturer, Human Geography

    Dr Harriot Beazley is a human geographer and community development practitioner. She is experienced in rights-based research centred on children and young people, and in community-based, gender-focused research in South East Asia, especially Indonesia and Cambodia.

  • Dr Ginna Brock
    Dr Ginna Brock

    Program Leader and Lecturer, English and Creative Writing

    Ginna's research focus includes classical literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, the tragic tradition, dramatic studies, and the art of storytelling

  • Dr Marcus Bussey
    Dr Marcus Bussey

    Deputy Head of School, School of Social Sciences, Senior Lecturer, History and Futures

    Marcus is an educator and futurist. His research focus includes culture and history, anticipatory action learning, causal layered analysis, social change, adaptive capacity in sustainability. His futures research encompasses education, youth, arts, social theory, post-structuralism, and post-colonialism.

  • Dr Shelley Davidow
    Dr Shelley Davidow

    Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy | Alternative Education Coordinator

    Shelley Davidow is an international author and educator. With an interest in social justice and transformative pedagogies her research focuses on stress and children, teaching literacy through creative writing and decolonising the classroom through arts.

  • Dr Peter English
    Dr Peter English

    Lecturer, Journalism

    Peter’s research focuses on areas of change in journalism. His projects centre on elements of new media, including social media, and the repercussions of developing technologies for consumers and producers of the news.

  • Dr Joanna McIntyre
    Dr Joanna McIntyre

    Lecturer, Creative Industries

    Joanna’s research interests include celebrity, cinema and television, queer and transgender representation, and Australian culture. She explores contemporary issues of celebrity and attitudes to gender and sexuality within screen and visual cultures, and online spaces.

  • Associate Professor Sandy O'Sullivan
    Associate Professor Sandy O'Sullivan

    Deputy Head of School, School of Communication and Creative Industries

    Sandy’s research focus is on empowering and engaging national and international First Nations’ Communities, scholars, industry, and practitioners in agentic and aspirational approaches to nation(s)- building through the creative industries.

  • Dr Timothy Peters
    Dr Timothy Peters

    Senior Lecturer in Law

    Tim’s research focuses on intersections of cultural legal studies, legal theory, theology and popular culture. His forthcoming book is titled A Theological Jurisprudence of Popular Cinema: Superheroes, Science Fictions and Fantasies of Modern Law.

  • Dr Karen Sutherland
    Dr Karen Sutherland

    Lecturer, Public Relations

    Karen's PhD research focussed on social media approaches by Australian not-for-profit organisations. Her other research includes social media, social media ethics and Work Integrated Learning in relation to internships.

  • Dr Uwe Terton
    Dr Uwe Terton

    Senior Lecturer, Design

    Uwe’s research focus is computer supported education. His projects encompass technology that reaches end users in meaningful and explorative ways. Themes include youth, health, learning, media design and the environment.

  • Dr Ross Watkins
    Dr Ross Watkins

    Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing

    Ross is an author and illustrator for both children and adult audiences. His scholarly research primarily explores practices in illustrated narrative, representations of grief, and experimental writing modes such as fictocritcism.

  • Dr Paul Williams
    Dr Paul Williams

    Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing

    Dr Paul Williams is a creative writer based in the School of Creative Industries. His research interests encompass areas such as post colonialism and postmodernism in fiction; African literature; autobiographic / historiographic metafiction and narrative constructions of the ‘self’ and ‘other’; children’s and young adult fiction; and creative writing as a transcultural activity.


  • Susan Armstrong, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Alex Ashton, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Dakoda Barker, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Kay Buttfield, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Julia Carter, Master of Creative Arts
  • Alayna Cole, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Bronwyn Cozens, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Susan Davis, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Deborah de Groot, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • David Dixon, Master of Creative Arts
  • William Elliot, Master of Creative Arts
  • Camilla Eyre, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Richard Finn, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Kate Fitzgerald, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Toula Gordillo, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Anthony Greenwood, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Pamela Greet, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Thomas Hamlyn-Harris, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Penelope Harrison, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Bree Hickson-Jamieson, Doctor of Philosophy
  • David Holloway, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Sara Hutchinson, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Leanne Jenkins, Master of Arts
  • Catherine Johnston, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Zachary Jones, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Iain Keen, Master of Arts
  • Emily Larkin, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Jane Larkin, Master of Creative Arts
  • Janet Lee, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Jay Ludowyke, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Adriano Marinho, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Liam Mayo, Master of Arts
  • Jill McGuire, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Amanda Miller, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Peter Moore, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Jessica Mulcahy, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Melanie Myers, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Caitlin Noakes, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Kelly Poynter, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Tully Prentice, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Mark Rafidi, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Maureen Rhemann, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Valmae Rose, Master of Arts
  • Michael Shapter, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Traci Sudana, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Kym Tabulo, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Donna Thompson, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Katri Uibu, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Alistair Ward, Master of Creative Arts
  • Stacey Winch, Doctor of Creative Arts
  • Sarah Windred, Doctor of Philosophy
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