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Tel: +61 7 5459 4669 or 0421 922 656

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School of Education
90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs
Queensland 4556

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Transcultural and Indigenous Pedagogies Research Group (ML10)
School of Education
Locked Bag 4

Our people

Research Centre Directors
  • Professor Catherine Manathunga
    Professor Catherine Manathunga

    Professor of Education Research

    Catherine Manathunga is an historian who draws together expertise in historical, sociological and cultural studies research to bring an innovative perspective to educational research, particularly focusing on the higher education sector. She has worked for over 27 years in universities throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Her research interests include doctoral education, especially focusing on intercultural supervision pedagogies; transnational histories of universities in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and Ireland; academic work and identities; the history of Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand international student programs, especially the Colombo Plan and supervising African doctoral students.

  • Professor Maria Raciti
    Professor Maria Raciti

    Professor of Marketing; Director of the Indigenous and Transcultural Research Centre

    A/Professor Maria Raciti Maria’s is a marketing academic who is passionate about widening participation in Australian higher education. Maria uses social marketing and services marketing tools and techniques to bring about the greater good—being the active pursuit of equity, (e)quality of life and betterment.

  • Dr Ali Black
    Dr Ali Black

    Senior Lecturer, Education

    Dr Ali Black is an arts-based and narrative researcher and early childhood educator interested in storied and alternative forms of understanding and representing “data”. She privileges collaborative and relational knowledge construction across her research and scholarship as a means of cultivating experiences that support connectedness, community, wellbeing and meaning-making.

  • Dr Michael Carey
    Dr Michael Carey

    Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL)

    Dr Michael Carey is an applied linguist and English language teacher educator with an interest in raising awareness and acceptance of non-mainstream forms of English language spoken and written discourse: international and transcultural English voices. He is highly-cited for his research investigating English speaking test rater bias in high stakes international speaking tests.

  • Professor Jennifer Carter
    Professor Jennifer Carter

    Co-leader Indigenous Studies Research Theme; Professor, Geography

    Professor Jennifer Carter is a geographer who has published on cultural competence with Indigenous students and within the context of a globalised world. She has worked on how understandings of the university as a 'place' impacts Indigenous students and how to make it a place of belonging. As a geographer she has worked on how the university as a place affects Indigenous students and she has published in decolonising geography.

  • Dr Beverly Dann
    Dr Beverly Dann

    Lecturer in Education

    Dr Beverly Dann is a lecturer and researcher in Education contexts with a focus on curriculum implementation, professional learning, science teaching strategies and assessment feedback. Recently she has been investigating first year university students’ Information Literacy capacity and their perceptions/beliefs about their capacity.

  • Dr Shelley Davidow
    Dr Shelley Davidow

    Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy | Alternative Education Coordinator

    Shelley Davidow is an international author and educator. With an interest in social justice and transformative pedagogies her research focuses on stress and children, teaching literacy through creative writing and decolonising the classroom through arts.

  • Dr Anne Drabble
    Dr Anne Drabble

    Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood | Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

    Dr Anne Drabble works in the area of early childhood education with preservice teachers and service providers. Anne’s research interests include language and literacy learning opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children from low socio-economic areas.

  • Dr Rachael Dwyer
    Dr Rachael Dwyer

    Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy

    Dr Rachael Dwyer is an educator and narrative researcher concerned with ensuring that all students have opportunities to participate in quality music and arts education as part of their schooling. She works alongside teachers and community members to pursue ways of embedding and valuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives in school classrooms.

  • Dr Peter Grainger
    Dr Peter Grainger

    Senior Lecturer in Education

    Dr Peter Grainger has various projects which focus on Intercultural Capability. One project researches the mutual benefits of a two week Wider Field Experience for USC students in Peru and Cambodia, teaching in primary schools alongside primary teachers. The focus of the research is on the development of preservice teachers’ intercultural capability, and their ability to teach the Australian Curriculum’s General Capability of Intercultural Understanding upon graduation as a result of the WFE experiences. A second project researches the intercultural capability of practising school teachers; specifically, how they are teaching this mandate and what professional development they perceive is needed to fulfil this responsibility.

  • Dr Sharon Louth
    Dr Sharon Louth

    Senior Lecturer, Education | Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Primary Education

    Dr Sharon Louth is a pre-service teacher educator with over 10 years’ experience in the tertiary sector. Sharon's research and teaching practices involve the use of inclusive, cooperative and motivational learning strategies which generate self-efficacy and empower students to become successful learners. Sharon is currently undertaking research with community Elders conducting a longitudinal exploration of educational engagement strategies and a k’gari enrichment program. In addition, she is investigating pre-service teacher efficacy in embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in learning and teaching and how our USC students will make a difference to marginalised groups in our society.

  • Natalie McMaster
    Natalie McMaster

    Associate Lecturer, Education

    Natalie McMaster is a current PhD student with the University of Queensland’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences. Her thesis questions the nature of health work being undertaken by teachers in Northern Territory Government (NTG) schools. This research provides much needed data on NTG teachers’ descriptions of the health work they perform, and the perception of this work from school and community members, in school sites, whose contexts differ greatly from mainstream schools in the rest of Australia. Natalie engages in a culturally sensitive manner with Indigenous participants in the research and seeks to foreground Indigenous ‘voices’. She has been advised by two Indigenous advisors (male and female) on data collection and communication methods (yarning sessions), interpretation of research data, and cultural background on content. Natalie’s research critically reflects on her perspective, position, power and privilege in relation to the data and how it was analysed and reported.

  • Dr Tracey Sempowicz
    Dr Tracey Sempowicz

    Lecturer in Education

    Dr Tracey Sempowicz lectures and researches in the area of child and adolescent development and inclusive education practices. Her particular focus is on raising awareness and supporting children and young people who have experienced attachment disruption and complex trauma. She predominantly uses case study and arts-based methodologies.

  • Dr Carol Smith
    Dr Carol Smith

    Lecturer, Education | Program Coordinator, Master of Teaching (Primary)

  • Dr Paul Williams
    Dr Paul Williams

    Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing

    Paul’s main research interests include experimental writing, creative writing pedagogy, creative writing as academic discourse, practice research methodologies, and applied creative writing in the community (literacy and empowerment).

  • Dr Alison Willis
    Dr Alison Willis

    Lecturer, Curriculum and Pedagogy

    Alison has a strong research interest in cross-cultural educational studies and is a ACER Associate in Education and Development

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