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Strandgard, M., Mitchell, R.

Reducing costs in the wood supply chain through controlling the moisture content of logs and chips: Preliminary modelling results for air-drying Eucalyptus globulus and Pinus radiata log piles.

Forest & Wood Products Australia / pp. 1-36 (2017)

Ghaffariyan, M., Spinelli, R., Brown, M.

A model to predict productivity of different chipping operations

Southern Forests: a journal of forest science / Vol. 75, No. 3, pp. 129–136 (2013)

Ghaffariyan, M., Sessions, J., Brown, M.

Roadside Chipping in a First Thinning Operation for Radiata Pine in South Australia

Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering: journal for theory and application of forestry engineering / Vol. 34, No. 1, pp.91–101 (2013)

Hayes, R., Nahrung, H., Lee, D.

Consequences of Corymbia (Myrtaceae) hybridisation of leaf oil profiles

Australian Journal of Botany / Vol. 61, No. 1, pp.52–59 (2013)

Pegg, G., Brawner, J., Lee, D.

Screening Corymbia populations for resistance to Puccinia psidii

Plant Biology (2013) – article in press

Ghaffariyan, M., Acuna, M., Brown, M.

Analysing the effect of five operational factors on forest residue supply chain costs: A case study in Western Australia

Biomass and Bioenergy (2012) – article in press

Strandgard, M., Walsh, D., Acuna, M.

Estimating harvester productivity in Pinus radiata plantations using StanForD stem files

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research / Vol. 28, No. 1, pp.73–80 (2013)

Alam M., Strandgard M., Brown, M., Fox, J. Evaluation of factors affecting harvesting systems and harvest planning using remote sensing technology – a review (2012) Australian Forestry Journal (2012)
Acuna, M., Mirowski, L., Ghaffariyan, M R., Brown, M W. Optimising transport efficiency and costs in Australian wood chipping operations Biomass and Bioenergy / Vol. 46, pp. 291–300

Brawner, J., Meder, R., Dieters, M., Lee, D.

Selection of Corymbia citriodora for pulp productivity

Southern Forests / Vol. 74, No. 2, pp. 121–131 (2012)

Ghaffariyan M, Andonovski V, Brown M. Application of Slash-Bundler for collecting harvest residues in eucalyptus plantations Silva Balcania Scientific Series – Sofia. (2012 (1): 1311–8706 )
Ghaffariyan M.R., Brown M., Acuna M., Sessions J., Kuehmaier M., Wiedemann J. Biomass harvesting in Eucalyptus plantations in Western Australia Southern Forests (2011, 73(3&4): 149–154)
Brown, M., Strandgard, M., Acuna, M., Walsh, D., Mitchell, R. Improving forest operations management through applied research Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering / Vol. 32 No. 2 (2011)

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