HDR Confirmation Presentation: Ahmed Abouelsaad

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HDR Confirmation Presentation: Ahmed Abouelsaad

Abstract: The phenomenon of aggregate loss from the surface layer, known as ravelling, is considered one of the distresses that trigger pavement resurfacing in airport pavements, even in the absence of other distresses. This research focuses mainly on developing a basis for comparing different asphalt mixtures, treatments and maintenance strategies on ravelling resistance. Current studies that provide understanding of the mechanisms, causes and available testing procedure have been reviewed. Furthermore, a preliminary field investigation of ravelling at three different airports in Queensland was completed and found that ravelling in airport asphalt is primarily related to environmental erosion rather than traffic loading. Developing a test to accelerate ravelling in laboratory under different environmental conditions that can simulate specific mechanisms and causes of ravelling and comparing different mixtures ravelling resistance in terms of macro-texture measurements is the primarily aim of the study. Then the efficiency of different surface treatments and preservations in improving ravelling resistance will be compared to provide possible efficient solutions to reduce ravelling progression. Moreover, a mechanical model to predict and simulate ravelling is also proposed to be an important future outcome of this study.

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