HDR Confirmation Presentation: Amy Lu

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HDR Confirmation Presentation: Amy Lu

Title: Let’s bio-play, philia-play – Taiwanese glove puppetry edutainment: A way towards embracing nature


More children nowadays have significantly restricted connection with the natural environment than 20 years ago, which directs to an adverse impact on their health and development. Games are powerful instruments in expressions of emotional engagement when a specific context is in practice for learning, as determined it is a practical approach to promote awareness. The purpose of this research is to develop a game that elevates the experience with nature, to support an improved outcome for overall human health and wellbeing. This project intends to design and create an outdoor (nature-play) board game (serious game) that introduces the player to the concept of biomimicry restoration solutions via a narration based on Taiwanese glove puppetry including on progressing the multicultural knowledge learning and the importance of coexistence with all living organisms. Design-based and game-based learning methodologies will likewise in demand of the practice during the process of this research. Qualitative and quantitative data will also be collected, analysed to support this research hypothesis.

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The Graduate Research Office (researchtraining@usc.edu.au)

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