HDR Confirmation Presentation: Anne Klein

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HDR Confirmation Presentation: Anne Klein

Title: Omic investigations within the Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, with a focus on the Giant Triton snail (Charonia tritonis) 


The Giant triton snail (Charonia tritonis) is one of the largest gastropods and also the major predator of the Crown-of-thorns starfish, yet its decline due to human interference, is a key contributor to starfish population explosions. Recent advances in genomic techniques, including the ability to sequence and study the whole genome of individuals, have created opportunities for both animal breeding and population management. Genomic techniques are now being applied to conservation management for critically endangered species, pest control as for the as for the Crown-of-thorn starfish, including marine organisms. The purpose of this PhD research is to initially examine and contextualise the current status of gastropod research within the major omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) fields. Following that, the project will utilise established and new omics data (such as the genome and transcriptomes) for the investigation of the Giant triton snail, giving us the first opportunity to study the molecular makeup of this animal so that we can better understand how it functions. For example, the genes that are involved in the processes of development, metamorphosis, growth, reproduction communication and its repertoire of toxin genes that are used for killing its prey are all encoded in the genome. All this information will help to inform on strategies for the captive breeding of this endangered species and to understand the chemosensory interplay between it and the Crown-of-thorns starfish.


Anne completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and a Master in Immunology at the University Paris Diderot before turning into a Master in Bioinformatics.

Anne has been working as a bioinformatic research assistant at the University of Queensland and Griffith University studying human pathologies before turning into invertebrates research by undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Associated Professor Scott Cummins and Dr Min Zhao on “Omic investigations within the Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, with a focus on the Giant Triton snail (Charonia tritonis)”.

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