HDR Confirmation Presentation: Christopher McCormack

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HDR Confirmation Presentation: Christopher McCormack

Title: A principled approach to equipment scaling to enhance skill acquisition in female junior basketball


The masters research project looks to investigate the differences in game performance and anthropometric characteristics of elite level women ad junior level female basketball players and find a method to find a ball size more appropriate for junior female basketball players. Current rules and regulations on junior female basketball competitions enforce that players utilise the same size ball as adults, size 6 (23.05cm in diameter and weighing 510 grams). Previous research has found that the use of smaller and lighter basketballs result in a greater performance in regards to shooting, passing and receiving passes in testing and game situations, however the research has not addressed a method to scale the equipment to the players. Due to the reduced size of anthropometric features that juniors players possess in relation to adult players it is hypothesised that the current ball size that junior players use during games is too large and that the ball instead should be scaled to fit junior populations. This research will first address the difference in the performance during a game of elite women and junior basketball players, these measures will include, passing distances, shooting distances, and the spacing difference between teammates when shots are taken. The second study will measure the anthropometric characteristics that are best correlated to basketball to find a method to scale the ball size to the junior players.


Chris completed his Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Science at USC in 2016 minoring in Sport Science and Coaching. During his undergraduate degree Chris completed a Special Research Project investigating methods to scale basketball sizes to junior male athletes. After graduation Chris has been active member in the fitness industry working with a range of different athletes covering a large age range. Chris also had a deep connection with basketball, competing in multiple junior level competitions through his younger years. His experience working with current junior athletes and his own personal experience has helped demonstrate that there needs to be a change in the current ball size used for the junior athletes.


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