William Unsworth's Confirmation Presentation

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William Unsworth's Confirmation Presentation

We invite you to attend the Confirmation Presentation of William Unsworth, a Doctor of Philosophy candidate within the School of Business, in the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law.

Title: Identification of locally available and culturally significant tree species for the development of multi-functional mixed species planted forests in the Ramu-Markham Valley, PNG.

Presenter: William Unsworth

When: Thursday 12 July, 10am - 12noon

Where: E1.04

Abstract: Forest Landscape and Restoration (FLR) is a movement to increase and improve tree cover within a landscape to enhance the goods and service provision of that landscape for the betterment of people and biodiversity within and around that landscape. However, the ability to act at large scales may be limited by a lack of detailed local knowledge; and the varied and personal requirements of people within that landscape.

As an in-depth case study, within the anthropogenic landscape of the Ramu Markham Valley of Papua New Guinea, the purpose of this research is to propose and enable a transition to a future landscape in which tree cover has been substantially increased, with the goal of improving landowner livelihoods as well as delivering concomitant environmental benefits associated with tree cover (soil/slope protection, habitat creation, enhancement of waterways, etc.).

Appropriate natural and novel ecosystems for the landscape will be identified through literature review, fieldwork in existing forest patches, and through participatory assessment of livelihoods and forest resource use and demand. Given that fire will be a key constraint, local production systems and reforestation sites will be assessed for available species and silvicultural options that will improve tree planting outcomes.

Available knowledge of the landscape and ongoing socio-ecological processes will be synthesised into a landscape model for identification and prioritisation of interventions that can most efficiently deliver successful forest and landscape restoration. Finally, an ecosystem services approach will be taken to map the outputs of a future forested landscape to stakeholders to identify who stands to benefit from forest restoration and can become part of a broad enabling framework for Forest and landscape restoration in PNG.

Bio: Will is a part time PhD candidate at USC while working in sustainable plantation agriculture in Papua New Guinea. A research partnership with USC through ACIAR funded community forestry projects in PNG led to this opportunity for further study.

Originally from the UK, Will holds a BSc in Biology and Geography from University of Exeter where he studied the ecology of intertidal marine worms and plant succession on lave flows in Tenerife, Spain. From 2002 to 2011 Will worked as an environmental consultant in Brunei and Malaysia where his work ranged from hydrological modelling to protected areas planning.

Should you have any questions about this event please contact FABHDR@usc.edu.au.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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