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FOSHEE HDR Confirmation Presentations

Confirmation Presentation of Cameron Milne

Date:  Monday 14 May, 2018

Time: 12noon

Venue: H2.2.10, Level 2, Building H2 - Sippy Downs

Supervisors: Prof Stephen Trueman, Dr Shahla Hosseini Bai, Dr Alison Shapcott

Title:  Propagation and population establishment of Schoenus scabripes on the Sunshine Coast

Abstract:  Sedges play an important ecological role in many forest systems in the Australian landscape. However, the distribution, planting requirements and success rates of sedge species in revegetation programs are not well documented. Knowledge gaps exist on propagation methods, seed germina​tion and establishment techniques for many wet-heath sedges such as Schoenus scabripes. Informed propagation and establishment techniques would assist practitioners to include these less-commonly available plant species in restoration projects and to make appropriate management decisions about the salvage or translocation of sedge species. This project will explore propagation and establishment techniques for S. scabripes at Caloundra airport on the Sunshine Coast. Specifically, the project will investigate: (a) how S. scabripes responds to seed propagation; (b) how translocated mature clumps from a wild population of S. scabripes respond to translocation; and (c) how does nursery-grown tubestock of S. scabripes establish under field conditions. The expected research outcomes are improved techniques for conservation practitioners in establishing sedge populations and new knowledge on the efficacy of translocation methods as species conservation and landscape rehabilitation tools.

Bio: Cameron is an ecologist with twenty years of experience in the public and private sectors, specialising in landscape restoration and rehabilitation projects. Cameron completed his Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) at USC in 2006 and is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP 532) under the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ). A major focus for Cameron's research is the improvement of landscape rehabilitation outcomes, particularly relating to species diversity.

Confirmation Presentation of Cuong Le

Date:  Monday 14 May 2018

Time: 1pm

Venue: H2.2.10, Level 2, Building H2 - Sippy Downs

Supervisors: A/Prof. Mohammad Katouli, Prof. Wayne Knibb, Dr. Ipek Kurtboke, Dr. Erin Price

Title: Genomic analysis of Nocardia seriolae isolated from pompano (Trachoditus blochii) with nocardiosis

Abstract:  Nocardia seriolae, a Gram-positive bacterium of the family Nocardiaceae, is a major pathogen impacting global aquaculture. Nocardiosis caused by this pathogen is capable of causing a cumulative mortality of up to 100% within several days for marine and fresh water fish at different age groups or sizes. Nocardiosis is currently considered as one of the leading threats to the sustainable aquaculture development of commercially important pompano fish (Trachoditus. blochii, T. ovatus) in Asian countries as the outbreaks occur in both hatcheries and farms of the fish. To deal with the outbreaks, the farmers have used a variety of antimicrobial agents, both for preventive and curative purposes, leading to incorrect dosage and the antimicrobial resistance. A major contributing factor to such severe burden of nocardiosis in aquaculture, is the lack of fundamental knowledge of biological, genomics and virulent characteristics of N. seriolae. This proposed PhD project is therefore undertaken to contribute towards understanding of the pathogen through an investigation of genomic features of different strains isolated from aquaculture farms in Vietnam. Findings will facilitate an in-depth understanding towards pathogenic mechanisms and molecular evolution of this bacterium. In addition, the project aims to develop a molecular method for accurate detection of subclinical infections by this pathogen and assess the usage of candidate peptides as an effective vaccine for pompano fish against nocardiosis.

​Bio: Cuong Le started his career as a researcher in aquatic animal health with a Bachelor of Bio-pathology with Honours in which he studied on the aetiology of jaundice disease in farmed Tra catfish in Vietnam. He completed his Master’s degree with focus on parasitic and hyperparasitic disease in bivalves in South Korea. He is particularly interested in the utility of next gene sequencing for studying aquaculture pathogens and the immunity of aquatic hosts.

Confirmation Presentation of Jessica Levick

Date:  Monday 14 May 2018

Time: 2pm

Venue: H2.2.10, Level 2, Building H2 - Sippy Downs

Supervisors: Dr Kieran Broome, Dr Rosa Bruce and Dr Florin Oprescu

Title:  Exploring the correlation between leisure/production occupation and mental health.

Abstract:  Approximately 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness throughout their life. Mental health issues impact on one’s quality of life, ability to engage in occupation, and whole wellbeing. Leisure engagement is fundamental within a recovery model, has been linked to social and emotional wellbeing, is a protective factor in mental health relapse, and may lessen the need for restraint.

A review of the current literature found that patients have limited access to purposeful and meaningful activity on inpatient units. Because of this occupational deprivation, consumers often report boredom and are observed sitting for a majority of their day. There is limited literature that describes the barriers and facilitators to mental health staff incorporating leisure facilitation into the scope of inpatient mental health practice. Studies have found that inpatient staff, on average, spends just 6.75% of their time engaged in one-to-one therapeutic engagement with consumers.

This research project endeavours to investigate the consumers’, carers’, the staff and management perspectives on leisure-related time use in mental health inpatient units in South East Queensland. An understanding of these four perspectives may inform future service based change to create occupationally just mental health facilities. This project will explore the consumer leisure experience on inpatient units through policy review, understanding each stakeholders perspective of current services and the consumer needs within a service. This will include capturing the current leisure profile of the consumer within an acute mental health setting.

Bio: Jessica Levick completed her undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Science (Honours) at USC. Since graduating from her undergraduate degree she has worked in mental health as an occupational therapist with severe and complex patients in a variety of clinical settings within the health department including community case management, outreach, emergency department and inpatient She is a thoughtful and caring clinician with interests particularly in research. Combining her passion for advocacy within services and her research focuses on consumer perspectives, leisure, time use and mental health.

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