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Tel: +61 7 5459 4891
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Sustainability Research Centre
Innovation Centre
90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs
Queensland  4556

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Sustainability Research Centre (ML28)
Locked Bag 4

Our people

  • Professor Claudia Baldwin
    Professor Claudia Baldwin

    Professor, Urban Design and Town Planning & Co-Director Sustainability Research Centre

    Professor Claudia Baldwin has taught regional and urban planning since 2006 at USC and is a founding member of USC’s Sustainability Research Centre. Claudia uses participatory and visual methods to research institutional and social-environmental change on topics as diverse as water allocation, coastal planning, rural and regional land use, climate change adaptation and community resilience, as well as age- and ability- friendly communities.

  • Professor Patrick D. Nunn
    Professor Patrick D. Nunn

    Professor of Geography & Co-Director of the Sustainability Research Centre

    For more than 30 years, Patrick has worked with Indigenous communities in the Pacific Islands to understand the nature of their culturally-grounded resilience and attitudes towards climate change. He has also carried out research into Pacific oral traditions and myths and how some might be memories of ancient geological events (large waves, volcanic eruptions): research he has recently extended to Australian Aboriginal cultures.

  • Dr Graham Ashford
    Dr Graham Ashford

    Deputy Head of School, Science & Engineering | Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

  • Associate Professor Harriot Beazley
    Associate Professor Harriot Beazley

    Associate Professor, Human Geography

    Associate Professor Harriot Beazley is a human geographer and community development practitioner. She is experienced in rights-based research centred on children and young people, and in community-based, gender-focused research in South East Asia, especially Indonesia and Cambodia.

  • Dr Shannon Brincat
    Dr Shannon Brincat

    Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

    Shannon's work focuses on processes of global transformation taking place over and above the state. In particular, he has examined how people have sought to expand the circle of inclusion in cosmopolitan political community through processes of mutual recognition and dialogue across borders in world politics. Other research areas include global responses to climate change and ecological crises, accountability efforts in global governance, and the problems of assassination and tyrannicide. Shannon has also investigated the continuing impact of dialogue and discourses in socialist thought, including fieldwork in Cuba in 2016 investigating current forms of socio-political change underway on the island. His current major project focuses on dialectics – a unique form of thinking through dialogue with others – and how different cultures and societies have utilised such knowledge across history.

  • Dr Marcus Bussey
    Dr Marcus Bussey

    Deputy Head of School, School of Social Sciences, Senior Lecturer, History and Futures

    Marcus is an educator and futurist. His research focus includes culture and history, anticipatory action learning, causal layered analysis, social change, adaptive capacity in sustainability. His futures research encompasses education, youth, arts, social theory, post-structuralism, and post-colonialism.

  • Professor Jennifer Carter
    Professor Jennifer Carter

    Co-leader Indigenous Studies Research Theme; Professor, Geography

    Professor Jennifer Carter is a geographer who has published on cultural competence with Indigenous students and within the context of a globalised world. She has worked on how understandings of the university as a 'place' impacts Indigenous students and how to make it a place of belonging. As a geographer she has worked on how the university as a place affects Indigenous students and she has published in decolonising geography.

  • Professor RW (Bill) Carter
    Professor RW (Bill) Carter

    Professor, Heritage Resource Management

  • Dr Amy Clarke
    Dr Amy Clarke

    Senior Lecturer in History

    Dr Amy Clarke is a historian and heritage practitioner specialising in architectural and socio-cultural Australian and British colonial histories. Her research investigates the intersections of international relations, domestic politics, cultural identity and heritage in Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific.

  • Dr Margaret Cook
    Dr Margaret Cook

    Lecturer in History

    Margaret is a history lecturer at USC and specialises in the history of ‘natural’ disasters in Australia especially floods and earthquakes. The history of floods in the Brisbane River catchment was the subject of her PhD, conferred in 2018 by the University of Queensland, and is now a book, A River with a City Problem: A History of Brisbane Floods (UQ Press, 2019). With Dr Scott McKinnon, Margaret is also co-editor of Disasters in Australia and New Zealand: Historical approaches to understanding catastrophe, a collection of essays on bushfire, flood, cyclones and earthquakes (Palgrave forthcoming). Her broad academic areas of interest are environmental and social history and cultural heritage with particular focus on floods, climate, cotton, water and gender.

  • Carmen Elrick-Barr
    Carmen Elrick-Barr

    Research Fellow

    Carmen is a human geographer with over 15 years experience working in the academic and private sectors. In the private sector, Carmen delivered climate change adaptation support to local and national governments (e.g. mainstreaming climate change into ICZM in Kiribati, Albania, the Mediterranean and Mauritius; providing policy advice to UNDP Albania, WA Department of Water and NCCARF; designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the PIFS and the Australian government; and training representatives from national and local governments in risk assessment, adaptation planning and climate financing). In the University sector, Carmen has worked on social and environmental research projects, with a coastal and/or climate change adaptation focus (e.g. across the themes of coastal management; migration; water equity and climate risk; and the social, economic and institutional dimensions of climate change). Carmen’s research explores human-environment interactions in the coastal zone, adopting mixed-methods approaches within an interpretivist paradigm. Her passion lies in research that can contribute to the co-design of valued futures that embrace vulnerability and change.

  • Dr Helen Fairweather
    Dr Helen Fairweather

    Discipline Leader Engineering | Senior Lecturer, Environmental Engineering | Program Coordinator Master of Climate Change Adaptation by Research

    Dr Fairweather's research over her career has included a diverse collection of projects encompassing agriculture, hydrology, irrigation and climate research in a number of Universities including the University of Lethbridge in Canada, UNE and USC as well as Government agencies in NSW, QLD, Canada and the United Kingdom and Cooperative Research Centres (Beef and Cattle Industry and Irrigation Futures).

  • Dr Chris Jacobson
    Dr Chris Jacobson

    USC Senior Research Fellow; Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences

    a USC Research Fellow with expertise in adaptive and collaborative natural resource management with Indigenous communities in Aotearoa New Zealand and Canada.

  • Dr Noni Keys
    Dr Noni Keys

    Lecturer in Communication

    Noni’s main research interests include embedding sustainability values in mainstream university courses, and community responses to climate change.

  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava
    Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

    Senior Lecturer, Geospatial Analysis

    Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava is teaching and coordinating spatial science courses which include geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing and surveying courses that are part of Geospatial Analysis Minor. He has developed several innovative ways to engage students in learning spatial science and geospatial analysis. These innovative approaches include engaging students in field-based and lab-based activities, using diverse assessment-feedback regimes utilising web 2.0 tools, using Threshold Concepts Framework, using activity based learning in the real-world environment, and using 3D models as well as animations in desktop and immersive environments.

  • Dr Javier Leon
    Dr Javier Leon

    Senior Lecturer, Physical Geography

    Dr Javier Leon's is a geographer with broad interests in geomorphology and particularly interested in the study and management of coastal systems including sandy beaches and coral reefs.

  • Dr Shahab Pourfakhimi
    Dr Shahab Pourfakhimi

    Lecturer, Tourism, Leisure and Event Management

    Shahab’s research interests generally involve studying tourists’ behaviour and investigating how tourism and hospitality consumers and businesses use various forms of smart, social and mobile information and communication technologies in their day to day activities. He is particularly interested to investigate how tourists’ daily use of such smart technologies changes their tourism related decisions-makings and affects their perceptions of various tourism destinations and products.

  • Professor Neil Powell
    Professor Neil Powell

    Professor of Sustainable Development

    Neil's research, training and development action is geared towards addressing intractable issues and resource dilemmas in the context water resources and governance. The approach can be characterised as problem centred, and epistemologically heterogeneous. His present research examines governance inefficiencies and ambiguities in contexts characterised by abrupt environmental change and controversy. The applied objective of this research is to develop operation frames to understand how structures and stakeholder agency can best deployed to reconcile contemporary environmental challenges such as climate change adaptation and the provision of eco-system goods and services. Conceptually, and in the change processes he is part of, the following key frames feature in his work: water governance, social learning, action research, multi-stakeholder processes, intractability, dilemmas, agency, land use, livelihoods, ecosystem assessments and education for sustainable development (ESD).

  • Professor Steven J.R. Underhill
  • Dr Vikki Schaffer
    Dr Vikki Schaffer

    Senior Lecturer, Tourism, Leisure and Events

  • Dr Bridie Scott-Parker
    Dr Bridie Scott-Parker

    Senior USC Research Fellow, National Health and Medical Research Council

    Bridie leads USC's Adolescent Risk Research Unit's research which includes adolescent health and wellbeing, including teen mental health, social influences, and interactions with authorities.

  • Professor Tim Smith
    Professor Tim Smith

    Professor of Sustainability

    Professor Tim Smith is a human geographer focused on coastal management and climate change adaptation. His research aims to discover innovative coastal governance approaches that embrace vulnerability and change. He holds an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship, and is also an Adjunct Professor with Brock University, Canada, an Adjunct Professor with Southern Cross University, and a Senior Research Associate with Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • Dr Uwe Terton
    Dr Uwe Terton

    Senior Lecturer, Design

    Uwe Terton’s research is focused on computer supported education that makes use of technology to reach out to different types of learners as well as disadvantaged learners.

  • Associate Professor Dana Thomsen
    Associate Professor Dana Thomsen

    Associate Professor in Sustainability Advocacy

    • Dr Kate English
      +61 7 5456 5964
    • Dr Caroline Osborne
      Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Research & Development) - Engagement
      +61 7 5456 5964
    • Dr Silvia Tavares
      Lecturer in Urban Design and Town Planning, School of Social Sciences                                                   
  • Dr Julia Baird, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Environmental sustainability, specialising in human dimensions of water resources and water resilience, (Brock University, Canada)
  • Dr Alexandra Bec, Adjunct Research Fellow, Economic regional community development, change management, tourism, resilience theory, heritage (City of Gold Coast)
  • Dr Marta Botta, Adjunct Research Fellow, Cultural change and sustainable futures
  • Associate Professor David Chittleborough, Adjunct Associate Professor, Soil survey, land evaluation, soil classification, water quality in catchments; soil mineralogy; geochemistry and evolution of soils
  • Mr Brendan Doran, Adjunct Professor, International Relations
  • Dr Pedro Fidelman, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Coastal and marine systems, climate change adaptation, natural resource management (Former Research Fellow at USC)
  • Dr George Freduah, Adjunct Research Fellow
  • Dr Eva Friman, Adjunct Professor, Ecological economics (Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD))
  • Dr Takahisa Furuichi, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Geomorphology, hydrology and climatology and socio-economic implications (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  • Prof Ken Hughey, Adjunct Professor, Research on Tourism and Climate Change (Department of Environmental Management, Lincoln University)
  • Dr Ben Jarihani, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Hydrological science, water resources management, spatial science, natural resources management (Mountain Society Research Institute)
  • Prof Robert Kay, Adjunct Professor, Climate change vulnerability impacts and adaptation assessment, geomorphology and coastal planning and management (ICF International)
  • Dr Christine King, Adjunct Associate Professor, Multi-stakeholder Learning and Participatory Research, Development and Extension
  • A/Prof David Kronlid, Adjunct Associate Professor, Environmental ethics, ecofeminism, holistic mobility with a focus on its existential, ethical & environmental ethical aspects. Climate change justice, mobility, & education for sustainable development (Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD))
  • Prof Michael Lueck, Adjunct Professor, Coastal and marine systems as venues for recreation, sport and tourism (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Prof Ken Lyons, Adjunct Professor, Geographic Data (Spatial Information Services, AU)
  • Dr Anna Lyth, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Urban sustainability, integrated urban climate change strategy and resilience research (RED Sustainability Consultants)
  • Dr Evanthie Michalena, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Professor Marc Miller, Adjunct Professor, Tourism, planning and development (University of Washington)
  • Associate Prof Melissa Nursey-Bray, Adjunct Associate Professor, geography, environment and population, Indigenous resource management, coastal management, community engagement (University of Adelaide)
  • Dr Tristan Pearce, Adjunct Associate Professor, Climate change vulnerability & adaptation; traditional knowledge systems; cumulative impacts of resource development (University of Northern British Columbia)
  • Prof Gary Pickering, Adjunct Professor, Climate change and impacts, climate change adaptation, and climate change psychology, (Brock University, Canada)
  • Prof Ryan Plummer, Adjunct Professor, Resilience; Social Ecological Systems (Director of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre [ESRC], Brock University, Canada)
  • Dr Stina Powell, Adjunct Associate Professor, Environmental governance and sustainable development (Head of the Division of Environmental Communication, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Prof Benjamin Preston, Adjunct Professor (Oakridge National Laboratory, USA)
  • Dr Lisa Ryan, Adjunct Research Fellow (Sunshine Coast Council)
  • Prof Noel Scott, Adjunct Professor, Experience design, Technology, Tourism governance, management and marketing (Griffith University).
  • Prof Roy Sidle, Adjunct Professor, environmental science, natural hazards, catchment hydrology, hydrogeomorphic processes (Mountain Societies Research Institute)
  • Dr Erin Smith, Adjunct Research Fellow, Rural geography, regional & environmental change management (Former Research Fellow at USC)
  • Dr Frank Thomalla, Adjunct Associate Professor, hazard, vulnerability and climate change research (University of Sydney)
  • Associate Prof Katherine Warner, Adjunct Associate Professor, Former Regional Senior Expert, Climate Change and Environment
  • Prof Iain White, Adjunct Professor, Environmental planning, human geography, risk, vulnerability, resilience (University of Waikato)
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