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Summer 2013


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Summer 2013 edition

This edition of the newsletter contains the following sections:

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Bill Carter 220X140Featured staff member

Prof RW (Bill) Carter

Bill was promoted from Associate Professor to Professor in January 2014. Excellent achievement and well-deserved recognition!

In September, he was conferred with two awards for service to Cambodia:

  • Sahak Metrey Medal (Class: Moha Serey Vodhana), nominated by the Ministry of Tourism, for outstanding assistance with sustainable tourism development; and
  • Sahak Metrey Medal (Class: Sena), nominated by the Governor of Preah Sihanouk on behalf of the coastal provincial governors, for outstanding achievement in advocating sustainable tourism in Cambodia’s coastal zone.

These prestigious awards reflect the impact of Bill's research in the region and the standing of the University in south-east Asia. The awards were presented by the Cambodian Minister for Tourism and the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism. The award ceremony included a message from the Prime Minister, who made particular reference to USC and the SRC.

Vietnamese DelegationExpert Exchange between Vietnam and Australia: Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

In mid-September, selected government organisations in Vietnam were invited to participate in an expert exchange and knowledge sharing program. The program was funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fὕr Internationale Zusammer-narbeit (GIZ) and supported by the University of the Sunshine Coast. Government officials completed a one-week, non-award, professional development program delivered by the SRC. The program provided an opportunity for the participants to update their expertise in Integrated coastal management.


UNWTO Regional ConferenceUNWTO Regional Conference

Prof Bill Carter attended The University Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Regional Conference on Tourism Development in Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites from 1-3 November 2013 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The conference brought together representatives of UNWTO Member States from the Asia Pacific Region and internationally. The event was a forum for tourism authorities, experts and practitioners to discuss and review opportunities and challenges of sustainable tourism at Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites. The aim of the conference was to showcase the cultural, natural and historical richness and heritage of the Asian Region and to present case studies and country experiences on successful policies, guidelines for sustainable site management preservation and strategies for cultural tourism development.

ASEAN WorkshopASEAN Community Based Tourism (CBT) Standards

From 27 November to 2 December 2013, Prof Bill Carter and HDR student Ms Kym Cheatham facilitated a special meeting and workshop on ASEAN Community Based Tourism (CBT) Standards in Cambodia, attended by senior government officials of ASEAN Member States and the ASEAN Secretariat.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation has indicated interest in adopting the ASEAN CBT Standard as a model for worldwide application. Through the workshop process, the draft CBT Standard was adopted and converted to a checklist, for subsequent use to assess and certify CBT initiatives.

Bill and Kym provided independent workshop facilitation and expert advice on the development, implementation and governance of sustainable tourism standards to the ASEAN member representatives.

Stewardship and people-place connections in the Mary River Catchment

Drs Chris Jacobson, Claudia Baldwin and Tanzi Smith (in conjunction with colleagues Profs David Rissik and Helen Ross from Griffith University and the University of Queensland) are working with the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) to study natural resource management stewardship in the Great Sandy Biosphere. Their project seeks to understand the role of stewardship and connections between people and places in fostering an ethic of caring for the river. The research will help to provide better understanding of the ways in which the concept of sustainability is being enacted, and is supported by a Research Futures Collaborative Research Network seed fund grant. The associated honours project of Mr Jamie Knight (SRC/USC) will explore riparian landholder values.

GardenFunding from the Foundation of Regional and Rural Renewal

Dr Lila Singh-Peterson, Prof Bill Carter and Emeritus Prof Geoffrey Lawrence from UQ have been awarded funding from the Foundation of Regional and Rural Renewal to research and promote resilience futures in the Mary Valley food system. The project will consider the challenge of producing and distributing food in the face of natural disasters, increasing fuel prices and institutional barriers. Knowledge will be gathered from key actors in the long and short food supply chain to gain an understanding of: how the community currently copes with flooding, how the current system could be adapted to make it more equitable and resilient, and how the current food system could be re-designed and transformed to sustainably maximise benefits to growers, distributers, consumers and the environment. A 30minute film will be produced and screened at a community movie night in June.

IstanbulAccomplishments of SRC Higher Degree by Research students

Ms Caroline Osborne

PhD Candidate Caroline Osborne won a PhD Participation Scholarship Award to attend the Knowledge Cities World Summit 2013 in Istanbul from 9-12 September 2013.

The Award is granted to the PhD student whose conference paper makes the most original and influential contribution to research in the field of knowledge-based urban development.

Caroline’s research addresses the needs of communities, and how to integrate these into regional planning and development projects. Attendance at this conference gave Caroline the opportunity to meet urban development academics and professionals from around the world where strategies for sustainable, knowledge-based developments were discussed.

Caroline is supervised by Senior Lecturer in Environment and Planning, Dr Claudia Baldwin and Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Advocacy, Dr Dana Thomsen.

Victor MacgillMr Victor MacGill

Victor MacGill (from left of photograph) attended the 57th annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) in Haiphong, Vietnam.

A personal highlight of the conference was being awarded the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award for the best humanist based student paper.

Obtaining this award has been a personal goal of his since he first started attending the ISSS conferences and for him marks a transition from being an accepted and acknowledged participant, to a peer.

Ms Carmen Elrick-Barr and Madeleine Page

Carmen Elrick-Barr and Madeleine Page have been awarded an “Outstanding Presentation by a Postgraduate Student” award at the recent Institute of Australian Geographers conference in Perth.

Ms Sahiba Zafrin and Mr Latif SiddiqueLatif Sabiha

From 25 to 29 November 2013, Sahiba Zafrin and Latif Siddique presented at the International Symposium on the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO), organised by the Field Science Education and Research Center and the Educational Unit for CoHHO, Kyoto University. With the generosity of the Nippon Foundation, the organisers kindly met the cost of Latif’s round trip airticket.

Both Latif and Sabiha presented on watershed and coastal management for environmental and biodiversity conservation outcomes.

Mr Andrew VenningAndrew Venning

Congratulations to Andrew, who received confirmed PhD candidature status (USC) in December 2013.







Ms Jenna BrownJenna Brown

Congratulations to Jenna Brown, SRCs first Honours student, who successfully completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in December 2013. Her thesis is entitled: ‘Public awareness and knowledge in the valuation and conservation of sea turtles on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia’. View Jenna’s research video on Youtube.


Noosa Biosphere FestivalBiosphere 2013

The fourth and very popular Noosa Biosphere Festival was held on 15 September. The SRC’s booth, adorned with student posters attracted interest, and was one of the many interesting booths promoting sustainable living.

There was something for everyone, from native animal and environmental industry displays, to local foods, cultural performances and children’s activities. We thank all who took part on the glorious sunny day. Pictured below are SRC Admin Officers, Jeannette Oliver, Gail Wilkins and HDR student, Tom Wegener who assisted in manning SRC’s booth. Photo courtesy of professional photographer Andrew Seymour.

Congratulations to…Christine Jacobson_120x160

Dr Christine Jacobson was appointed as a USC Research Fellow. She was competing against a very competitive field with over 60 applicants. The USC Research Fellow positions are tenure-tracked with an initial 5-year period of research intensive activity and a gradual transition into a teaching and research position. It is envisaged that there will be an annual call for USC Research Fellows.




Marcus Bussey

Congratulations, also, to Dr Marcus Bussey on winning a fellowship with the Taiwan National University and also Tamkang University in 2014. The focus will be on developing a critical futures consciousness.








Teaching Learning and Graduate OutcomesGraham Ashford_220x140.jpg

Mr Graham Ashford has been recognised for his contribution to student learning with a prestigious Citation Award from the Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT). He has been recognised in particular for teaching that transforms: engaging students in complex economic and scientific concepts trhough authentic assessment, simulation, and participatory learning and reflection.



Neil PowellFarewell to…

Prof Neil Powell accepted a position as the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University, Sweden ( Uppsala is: a prestigious university founded in the 1400s, in the top 100 in the world, produced 7 Nobel laureates, an excellent partner for USC. Uppsala University has provided the opportunity for Neil to continue to develop relationships with USC. Neil will remain with the SRC/USC part-time - hopefully for an extended period.

Julie Matthews


A fond farewell toA/Prof Julie Matthews, Associate Director of SRC, who moved to the University of Adelaide, leaving USC on 18 October 2013. She had been with USC since 1997.





SRC Annual Retreat

The SRC Annual Retreat was held at the RACV, Noosa from 21-22 November. Lyndon Davis gave a Welcome to Country, followed by Prof Greg Hill, Vice Chancellor and President of the USC, who gave the official opening and spoke on perspectives on research. The SRC Advisory Board provided valuable insight and advice to researchers and the SRC in general in helping to promote awareness in sustainable areas of research. The theme for the Retreat, attended by a combined total of over 50 staff members and HDR students, was ‘Growing a Research Culture’.

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The work of the Sustainability Research Centre

The work of the Sustainability Research Centre encompasses a range of disciplines where transdisciplinary research is undertaken and our core focus is aligned with social (e.g. geography and cultural studies), behavioural and economic sciences.

Our niche area for research projects is societal adaptation – more specifically, understanding the social dimensions of regional environmental change.

We make contributions to knowledge in the areas of:Bang Tao

  • sustainability science
  • resilience
  • adaptive capacity
  • social learning
  • capacity building
  • international development
  • institutional policy analysis
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • adaptive management
  • social capital

These contributions have application with a range of sustainability issues such as coastal management, climate change, and water management (recognised as significant at local through to international scales). We address real on-the-ground concerns of society and the environment.

Structure and staff

SRC Advisory Board

The SRC Advisory Board comprises of four eminent Australians: Professor Stephen Dovers, Professor Lesley Head, Professor Hugh Lavery, and Professor Bruce Thom.

SRC Executive
  • Professor Tim Smith (Director)
  • Professor RW (Bill) Carter (Associate Director
  • A/Professor Jen Carter
  • Dr Dana Thomsen
Research Fellows
  • Dr Christine Jacobson
  • Dr Scott Lieske
  • Dr Tristan Pierce
  • Dr Pedro Fidelman
  • Dr Anna Lyth
  • Dr Tanzi Smith
  • Dr Maria de Lourdes Melo Zurita
Collaborating staff
  • Affiliated faculty staff – 10
  • Adjunct staff – 13
HDR students
  • 28 PhD
  • One Masters
  • Two Honours
Support staff
  • Two research assistants
  • Two administrative officers

More information

For more information contact:

Jeannette Oliver Tel: +61 7 5456 5975 Email:

Gail Wilkins Tel: +61 7 5459 4891 Email:

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