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The SRC includes 49 HDR students. Enrolments are now open for the Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts (Research) programs.

There are also a number of other relevant postgraduate programs offered at USC. The SRC is also responsible for delivering the undergraduate major and minor in sustainability offered at USC.

Higher degree by research students currently enrolled

  • Saira Ali
  • Juana Andrade de Lucini
  • Phyllis Araneo
  • Ximena Arango
  • Tom Astle
  • Elizabeth Brunton
  • Jamie Caldwell
  • Fa Chee
  • Nichola Cooper
  • Kimberly Crawford
  • Renee Currenti
  • Nicole Damarra
  • Ebifie Dambo
  • Kristin Emanuelsen
  • Ellie Falatooni
  • Elissa Farrow
  • Gary Forsdike
  • Miguel Frohlich
  • Nina Gartrell
  • Francisco Gelves-Gomez
  • Kate Greenwood
  • Justine Grogan
  • Marcelle Holdaway
  • Nnenna Ike
  • Katherine Kelly
  • Jack Koci
  • Flora Kwapena
  • Jennie Haarsager-Lieske
  • Neda Mardani
  • Pierick Martin
  • Liam Mayo
  • Anna McKinlay
  • Krisztina Morris
  • Kim Morland
  • Julie O'Connor
  • Isabelle Oude-Egberink
  • Madeleine Page
  • Sarah Pye
  • Jonathan Raikes
  • Maureen Rhemann
  • Delia Siivola
  • Traci Sudana
  • Lavenia Tawake
  • Donna Thomsen
  • Vu Canh Toan
  • Andrew Venning
  • Natalie Watson-Brown
  • Tom Wegener
  • Alina Zwar

Higher degree by research completions

  • Dr Graham Ashford (completed 2014)
  • Dr Marta Botta (completed 2017)
  • Dr Cimarron Corpe (completed 2014)
  • Dr Mike Duggan (completed 2016)
  • Dr Carmen Elrick-Barr (completed 2017)
  • Dr Katherine English (completed 2018)
  • Dr George Freduah (completed 2016)
  • Dr Noni Keys (completed in 2012)
  • Dr Judy Lawrence (completed 2015)
  • Eric Lede (completed 2018)
  • Dr Scott Lieske (completed 2010)
  • Dr Victor MacGill (completed 2017)
  • Dr Megan Marks (completed 2016)
  • Dr Sonia Marshall (completed 2010)
  • Dr Robert Mangoyana (completed 2012)
  • Dr Michael McAllum (completed 2016)
  • Dr Catherine Morriss (completed 2014)
  • Dr Caroline Osborne (completed 2016)
  • Dr Pasinee (Ja) Reopanichkul (completed 2010)
  • Valmae Rose (completed 2018)
  • Dr Colin Russo (completed 2017)
  • Dr Christine Slade (completed 2014)
  • Dr Mohammad (Latif) Siddique (completed 2014)
  • Dr Brian Stockwell (completed 2014)
  • Troy Street (completed 2014)
  • Dr Scott Taylor (completed 2014)
  • Thalia van den Boogaard (completed 2016)
  • Dr Sabiha Zaffrin (completed 2014)

Congratulations to our 2017 SRC HDR graduates

Dr Marta Botta

Thesis title: 'Exploration of internal and external indicators of social change in sustainable communities: A futures perspective'.
Principal Supervisor: Dr Marcus Bussey
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2017

Dr Carmen Elrick-Barr

Thesis title: 'Understanding household adaptive capacity: case studies from coastal Australia'
Principal Supervisor: Professor Tim Smith
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2017

Dr Victor MacGill

Thesis title: 'Convergence as an example of a medium scale acephalous group exploring ways to reduce structural violence'.
Principal Supervisor: Dr Marcus Bussey
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2017

Dr Colin Russo

Thesis title: 'Engaging Futures: Futures methods transforming governance'
Principal Supervisor: Professor Sohail Inayatullah
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2017

2016 SRC HDR graduates:
Dr Thalia Bohl-Van Den Boogaard 

Thesis title: 'Indigenous business ventures and contemporary business planning at South Goulburn Island.'  
Supervisors: Associate Professor Jennifer Carter, Dr Joanne Freeman and Dr Paul Manuell
Completed: Master of Arts, 2016

Dr Michael Duggan

Thesis title: 'Scaling up, scaling out, scaling in: Facilitating effective Education for Sustainability through a Decentralised Global Network.'
Supervisors: Professor Tim Smith and Dr Dana Thomsen
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

Dr George Freduah

Thesis title: 'Climate Change and Fisheries in Ghana: Trends and Associated adaptive strategies by Small Scale Fishers.'    
Supervisors: Dr Pedro Fidelman and Professor Tim Smith
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

Dr Megan Marks

Thesis title: 'Visualising the Environment: the power of environmental art to encourage pro-environmental behaviour and engender a sense of place.'
Supervisors: Associate Professor Claudia Baldwin and Dr Lisa Chandler
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

Dr Caroline Osborne

Thesis title: 'Future Studies Tackling Wicked Problems'
Supervisors: Associate Professor Claudia Baldwin and Associate Professor Dana Thomsen
Completed: Doctor of Philosophy, 2016


View a complete list of thesis studies conducted by SRC students.

                                                                                                                                                                   Below: Dr Megan Marks, Dr George Freduah and Dr Caroline Osborne



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