Our students - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Our students

Sarah Ball, PhD candidate
Project: Influence of behaviour on intragroup conflict and social status (eastern water dragons)

Alexis Levengood, PhD candidate

Project: Drivers of social behaviour, specifically looking at long-term social avoidance behaviour in bottlenose dolphins.

Coralie Delme, PhD candidate

Project: Influence of parents’ morphology and social behaviour on offspring (eastern water dragons)

Anthony Schultz, PhD candidate

Project: Social and spatial behaviour of koalas

Katrin Hohwieler, PhD candidate

Project: Genetic consequences of urbanisation on koalas

Kye McDonald, PhD candidate

Project: Development of new field technologies for koala conservation

Nicola Kent, Research Assistant

Russel Miller, M.Sc. candidate

Project: Training and deployment of detection dogs for conservation of threatened species

Dr Sinta Frere, Research Assistant

Nicola Peterson, Honours candidate

Project: Immune function and urbanisation in eastern water dragons

Brooklyn Hare, Honours candidate

Project: How disturbance affects koala movement patterns

Tanisha Vidale, Honours candidate

Project: Project: Personality traits that enhance learning in conservation detection dogs

Clancy Hall, PhD candidate

Project: The sexing of thick-shelled and heavily pigmented eggs in-ovo as a population management tool

Emily Gregory, Honours candidate

Project: Cost-effective monitoring of humpback whales; assessing the use of consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry as an inexpensive approach

Dylan Westaway, Honours candidate

Project: Forest Owl Ecology

Piérick Martin, M. Sc. Candidate

Project: How sea-level and climate change affect island people: Examples from Yadua Island, Fiji.

Nathan Persal, Honours Candidate

Project: The effect of storm-bite along Maroochydore beach: Projecting storm impact in a changing climate.

Daniel Wishaw, M. Science (Research) candidate

Project: Headland Sand Bypassing – Quantification of transport volumes and pathways around Noosa Headland.

Jesse Rowland, Masters candidate

Project: Distribution, abundance and demographics of the northern subspecies of spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus gracilis) in the Wet Tropics, North Queensland

Charlotte-Bree Williams, Honours candidate

Project: Quantifying the Carbon Dynamics of a Coastal Wetland, South-East Queensland.

Ashley Rummell, PhD candidate

Project: Seeing below the waves: Using drones to monirot changes to seafloor bathymetry

Ellyn-Rose Blee, Honours candidate

Project name: Coastal Erosion Monitoring Methods