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Kangaroos in suburban street

Research conducted as part of the SEQ Eastern Grey kangaroo conservation project has highlighted a major cause of this decline is death and injury due to being hit by cars. Sadly, kangaroos are being killed not only on the roads surrounding the university but also on campus roads.

Beth Brunton with kangaroos and tracking equipment

Volunteer to take part in regular population monitoring of the kangaroos on campus. Contact the project leader to sign up to receive updates about upcoming monitoring dates or follow us on Facebook.

SEQ Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Help spread the word about the kangaroos' safety on campus and let your friends and colleagues know how they can help.

Doe and Joey

Please observe speed limits on campus as signed and be vigilant at all times, particularly near the entrance to the university and near grassed areas where the kangaroos feed. The kangaroos cross the ring road regularly during both day and night.


While kangaroos have been known to pose for photos, please respect their space and do not go too close to the kangaroos. You can report any incident of injured or distressed kangaroos to security.

SEQ Eastern Grey Kangaroos

As USC is a designated wildlife refuge no domestic animals, including dogs on leashes, are permitted on any part of the campus